17 Small Things To Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter

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7-Stupid-Ways-Smart-People-Sabotage-Their-SuccessYour Intelligence is Flexible and you can do many things to increase your intelligence daily. Your mind requires 3 things for thinking smartly:

  1. Be trained in the thinking processes
  2. Have a lot of information
  3. Focus on an idea or a problem

For example, the inventor Thomas Edison succeeded in thinking of light bulb for following reasons:

  1. Thomas Edison was a logical thinker
  2. He had a lot of knowledge regarding electrical engineering
  3. He had his focus on solving the problem

Following are some easy things which you can do daily to help your mind in thinking smartly:

  1. Start your day by drinking 2 glass water:

When a person is asleep, his body does not get water during that time. These are good 6 to 9 hours. Our body needs water for fluid balance and in order to filter the waste products. Drinking two glass water will offset fluid deficit which a person has from sleeping. Various studies have shown that in kids the ability of completing mental tasks is increased by drinking more water. Make sure that your brain isn’t dehydrated at the start of the day.

  1. Read summary of a book during breakfast

It is a great habit to read books, however it is more suitable to read something shorter during breakfast. Usually people read news articles during breakfast, which do not have much impact on the life/intelligence of a person. Instead, you should read the summaries of best-selling books. You can easily find the summaries by:

  • Using a summary subscription such as getAbstract or Blinkist
  • Googling the title of book + summary, e.g. “7 Habits of Highly Effective People summary”
  1. Listen to the stimulating audiobooks/podcasts during commute:

It doesn’t matter if a person spends only ten minutes on commute; load some intellectually stimulating audios in your phone. Some good sources are:

  • Some summaries of Blinkist are in the audio form
  • TED talks (they have an app which allows to pre-download the audio so that you don’t have to eat the mobile data)
  • Your favorite author’s Podcast
  • Purchased Audiobooks