40 Vintage Computer Ads

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The Hard Disk You've Been Waiting For

80 Mbytes For Under $12K / 300 Mbytes For Under $20K. Talk about cut-throat prices; luckily our hard disks don’t cost as much today. (Image Source:Coyote Blog)

80 Mbytes for under $12K / 300 Mbytes for under $20K

Seagate ST4096. But Seagate, it’s a different story today – The capacity is no longer high. The price probably is. (Image Source: Aresluna)

Seagate ST4096

$3,459 For 10 Megabytes Hard Disk. Hmm, you can get a Mac for that price.(Image Source: Vintage Computing)

$3,459 for 10 Megabytes Hard Disk

10 Megabyte Hard Disk System: $3,695. No matter what we’re comparing, you’re definitely losing out in today’s tech market. (Image Source: VC&G)

10 Megabyte Hard Disk System: $3,695

Low-cost Hard Disk Computers Are Here. Ah, those were the days when floppy disks were the ‘in’ thing. (Image Source: Nova Scotia)

Low-cost Hard Disk Computers Are Here

Lotus Magellan 2.0. Yes, Lotus, we get your message. We still love your ‘Search’ function. (Image Source: adFlip)

Lotus Magellan 2.0

Shugart Disk Drive. So that’s what a digital safe looks like. They are humongous! (Image Source: Old Computer Ads)

Shugart Disk Drive

Can Your Processor Pass This Screen Test? It’s a black and white print but I’m pretty sure that’s green text on a black background. (Image Source: Grikdog’s Blog)

Can Your Processor Pass This Screen Test

Computer Operation in Real-Time. The definition of “real-time” has definitely been redefined. At that time. (Image Source: Modern Mechanix)

Computer Operation in Real-Time . . . (Mar, 1956)

Sexy Penril Modem. This is probably the reason why they stopped using “sexy” and “modem” in the same line anymore. (Image Source: Bionic Works)

Sexy Penril Modem

1976 Apple 1 Ad. If the price doesn’t scare you away, just look at Apple’s less-than-fruity logo tucked at the bottom of the ad. (Image Source: Mac Mothership)

1976 Apple 1 Ad

Apple Makes Great Carrots. Here’s an early Apple ad with the kind of advertising tone they have today. At least they are carrying a more updated company logo in this one. (Image Source: Aresluna)

Apple Makes Great Carrots

Two Bytes Are Better Than One. However, I’m not so sure what you can do with two bytes. (Image Source: Modern Mechanix)

Two Bytes Are Better Than One

The New 16K RAM Card That Turns Your Computer into A Working Giant. It does require your computer to be a bulky giant. Just look at the size of that thing. (Image Source: hardwareBG)

The New 16K RAM Card That Turns Your Computer into A Working Giant

2 Cents A Byte! Sink your teeth into a helping of RAM without burning a hole in your wallet. (Image Source: izismile)

2 Cents A Byte!

ExtenSys 64K for $1495. Complete with Write Protection! (Image Source:KrakLog)

ExtenSys 64K for $1495

1-2-3 Advertisement from Byte. Works at the speed of a… superbike? (Image Source: Aresluna)

Borge Specifies Verbatim. In the ad, Borge prefers recording his concert music with Verbatim. I think he’d love what today’s computers can do for music.(Image Source: VC&G)

Borge Specifies Verbatim

Sony 3.5″ Floppy Disk. “… all the way to two megabytes”. I hope you know how lucky you are that we have gone beyond the floppy disk era. (Image Source:VC&G)

Sony 3.5″ Floppy Disk

Logitech HiREZ Mouse. The ad aside, we probably have not even seen this Logitech mouse before! (Image Source: Aresluna)

Logitech HiREZ Mouse

First Microsoft Mouse. Microsoft sets the standard with this gem that will be the blueprint of future mice. (Image Source: VC&G)

First Microsoft Mouse

Computers: ZX80. A personal computer for just under $200? Sounds like a great deal! Except, it kinda’ looks like the lovechild of a calculator and an intercom.(Image Source: Planet Sinclair)

Computers: ZX80

Apple IIc. It might be a far cry from Apple’s super thin Macbook Air today, but back in those days, this nifty computer was the breakthrough. (Image Source:Aresluna)

Apple IIc Advertisement from Personal Computing

1979 Apple II “Adam”. A cheeky jab at a good use for the forbidden fruit. Well, we can do better than Adam, can’t we? (Image Source: Mac Mothership)

1979 Apple II

The Imagination Machine. Hmm, there’s color, sound and the price is coming out pretty decent. (Image Source: My Crazy Town)

The Imagination Machine

Apple II and III. Apple has a way with getting celebrities and famous personalities to help with their ads, even when they lived more than two centuries ago. (Image Source: Aresluna)

Apple II and III advertisement from Personal Computing

The Small Computer That Won’t Fence You In. If you want a powerful processor, go with Sol. At least I think that’s what they are trying to say. (Image Source: ruanyifeng)

The Small Computer That Won't Fence You In

Commodore VIC-20. The computer is shrinking! And so are the prices. And it’s about time. (Image Source: Aresluna)

Commodore VIC-20 advertisement from Personal Computing

Osborne Computer. Ironically, if you still carry that Osborne model, you’d get the same reaction, but for different reasons today. (Image Source: Reg Hardware)

Osborne computer

IBM 5510 Computing System. Yep, extraodinary. In size, and in price. (Image Source: VC&G)

IBM 5510 Computing System

TRS-80 Model 100 Video. Do you believe that this was what a portable computer look like? Imagine lugging that TV around. (Image Source: VC&G)

TRS-80 Model 100 Video

Putting Color to Work in Computers. This is probably equivalent to us getting retina display today. (Image Source: Modern Mechanix)

Putting Color to Work in Computers (Sep, 1979)

What Kind of Man Owns His Own Computer? These days we have a higher chance of owning a computer than a kite. (Image Source: Modern Mechanix)

What kind of man owns his own computer? (May, 1980)

Commodore 64. They asked a very good question. In fact, it’s still relevant today. (Image Source: Aresluna)

What The Heck is Electronic Mail? E-mails may require no introduction today, but back then, Honeywell actually had to promote the use of e-mail with this quirky ad. (Image Source: MoPo)

What The Heck is Electronic Mail

1984 Newsweek Macintosh Introduction. Ahh, cut and paste. One of the best functions ever introduced.(Image Source: Mac Mothership)

1984 Newsweek Macintosh Introduction

How to Turn A Sea of Data into Data You Can See. Now, isn’t the sea of data, easier to see? Pun fully intended! (Image Source: Aresluna)

How to Turn A Sea of Data into Data You Can See

How to Send Mail At 670 Million mph . Tons of letters to send? Save your time and money on stamps, and let Apple be your messenger. (Image Source:n4p0)

How to Send Mail At 670 Million mph

Keystick: Keyboard Joystick. If you put up this ad today, people would probably think that it’s a fake toy you’re trying to sell! Pity they no longer use this cute keystick. (Image Source: VC&G)

Keystick: Keyboard Joystick
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