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Artist Creates Incredibly Tiny Floating Worlds Inside Glass Test Tubes

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Ever seen a ship in a bottle? Probably. But we bet you haven’t seen a world inside a test tube. And that’s ok, because they’re not exactly a common sight, but that’s precisely what makes these magical marvels so special.

They’re created Rosa de Jong, a Dutch artist who makes little floating worlds that we all want to live in. Using a variety of materials ranging from sticks brought in by her pet cat, rocks from the Caribbean, and sand from the Monument Valley, de Jong uses glass test tubes to house tiny scenes comprised of everything from houses and trees to tents and water towers. Her miniature creations are part of a series called Micro Matter, and you can learn more about them on her website. She’s also in the process of setting up a web-shop, so hopefully we can all own a miniature world in the near future.

More info: Byrosa | Micro Matter | Instagram | Behance (h/t: mymodernmet)


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