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Car Lister: Social Media Hangout with Next Generation Car Sales

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If you’ve been awake anytime over the past several years, you’ve heard of Facebook, you’ve heard of Twitter, and you’ve heard of Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram – and probably many more. Each of these social media channels gives people a chance to share information and interact with others online.

One advantage of these channels is their size. They’re BIG and you can interact with a wide swath of people. The disadvantage of these channels? They’re big. This means that participants will have a diversity of interests, some – or many – of which don’t interest you at all.

Hot trend in 2015

Not surprisingly, numerous experts are predicting that, in 2015, niche social networks will be hot. With a niche social media site, you’ll be meeting other people with the same interests you have – and that’s just the idea behind Car Lister.

Social media features

At Car Lister, you can set up a profile page, similar to what you’d do on Facebook, complete with a thumbnail picture of yourself, plus a cover image photo to make a personal statement at the top of your profile. If you’re a ‘Vette fan, then put up a photo of a cool C7. If you’re all about racers, then show us who you cheer for – and so forth. It’s all up to you!

You make connections with other car enthusiasts, share news and photos on your wall, comment on posts in your feed, create photo albums and more. Are you a gearhead who is heavy into DIY? There are others just like you who want to swap war stories and techniques. Do you love sharing photos and videos of the sweet cars of your dreams? Into lowriders? You aren’t the only one! Sign up and start chatting.

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