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Dogs Who Are Bending Human Rules

As told by kittenkaboodle17 As told by Biffjedidiah As told by blh2 As told by anonim1230 and Dwarfgoat As told by corruptcake As told by Bombingofdresden As told by schweers As told by Yasmine As told by The_Sass As told by sydleismith Keep Reading

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Nantucket dreaming

From its dark panelled public areas as well as quirky maritime touches to its light and breezy rooms with layered bed linens from John Robshaw as well as Les Indiennes, Greydon House on the island of Nantuket off Cape Cod is the ideal digital trip for this hump day Wednesday. I’m fantasizing regarding strolling via… Keep Reading

Design Nerd

the fujifilm instax square SQ10 cam makes instagram concrete

in today’s photo landscape individuals can view thousands upon countless photos before lunch time, as well as currently fujifilm is adding the element of tangibility to this process. The blog post the fujifilm instax square SQ10 cam makes instagram concrete showed up initially on designboom|style & style publication. designboom|architecture & layout publication Keep Reading

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Dad Photoshops Daughter In Dangerous Situations to Scare Grandma

Stephen Crowley has figured out the perfect way to give grandma a heart attack: I’ve been photoshopping my kid into marginally dangerous situations. Nothing unbelievable, but enough to make people think “Wait, did he..?” Now we just have to wait until the child is old enough to photoshop him into marginally negligent nursing home facilities. Keep Reading

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Dad Creates a Springtime Pregnancy Photoshoot Parody

Francisco Pérez, a father-of-two, decided to create a gallery showing the beauty of full-figured dad recreating the whimsical, earth-mother style of traditional maternity shoots. The shoot was also a favour to friend and photographer Martyn Wilkes who was looking for a creative way to showcase his maternity work: I came up with the idea as… Keep Reading

Design Nerd

Traditional areas by VSP Interiors

Sophisticated as well as timeless, timeless with refined modern touches, Henriette von Stockhausen and also Jane Petti of British style firm VSP Interiors are producing drama with mostly traditional rooms (add in the occasional modern-day kitchen). I adore this very first living-room – the wallpaper is beautiful and also with the layers of furnishings and… Keep Reading

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