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PlanForma.pl / Web design/UX/Branding

http://planforma.pl/ PlanForma.pl to bezpłatny serwis, który umożliwia planowanie i rejestrowanie treningów, diety oraz suplementacji. Prócz 40 ekranów serwisu zaprojektowałam logo, księge znaku oraz przygotowałam 40 ikon dyscyplin sportowych.           Read More InspireFirst Keep Reading

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44 Handcrafted Fonts For $36 (80% OFF!) – Limited Time Deal!

This huge handcrafted fonts bundle (+ extras!) contains some of my best selling fonts, most of my latest fonts, and a whole bunch more for a huge 80% off. Every font in this bundle oozes that highly desired handcrafted style that is growing ever so popular in modern design. With so many great font combinations within this… Keep Reading

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10 Free and Gritty Photoshop Brushes Made With Tea Granules

A year ago I ripped open some Tea Bags and spread tea granules all over my, now broken, scanner. The effects that I was able to create were amazingly detailed, so much so that I have decided to transform them into easy to use Photoshop Brushes. Many textured brushes have hard edges, and you often struggle… Keep Reading

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Amazing BMW Ads Showing Aerial View of Roads

Ads are still the most powerful medium for getting your message across. In this post we are showcasing BMW ads where they came up with a wonderful three-ad campaigns that shows a bird’s-eye view of a road that looks like a violin and guitar.   View All Read More InspireFirst Keep Reading

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20+ Inspirational Quotes for Designers

Sometimes we should see things from different perspective. There comes a time often when a designer needs some inspiration. In this post we made a list of few inspirational quotes for those designers who are looking for the inspiration.   View All Read More InspireFirst Keep Reading

Episode: Lisa's Sax (1997)
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16 Times “The Simpsons” Eerily Predicted The Future

As the longest-running TV sitcom, it comes as no surprise that “The Simpsons” got a thing or two right about the future. Yet, some of the things they predicted are totally eerie to say the least. Perhaps we should all pay closer attention to the hilarious family, since the show’s vast grasps on the future… Keep Reading

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14 Best InDesign Tutorials

In this post we have collected 14 best InDesign tutorials for people who want to learn designing in this program. After going through these tutorials you would be able to create magazine covers, album covers and books layouts easily.   Read More Read More InspireFirst Keep Reading

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33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius

The web is increasingly becoming a powerful resource that can easily help you learn something new everyday. These awesome sites are just what you need. “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein There is a good chance you’ll be able to put at least one of these learning tools… Keep Reading

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