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The Golden Hr by Daniel F.

The Golden Hr by Daniel F. ARTICLE PROCESSING BILDBEARBEITUNG SITE Several methods used on this photo are shown in my all new collection of video clips. Simply check out my web site for more details. ____ Viele der hier angewandten Techniken werden sehr ausführlich in meinen aktuellen Video clip Tutorials demonstriert. Mehr Infos dazu findet… Keep Reading

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Scenes From Coachella 2017 (32 photos).

This weekend, the first component of the 2017 Coachella Valley Songs and also Art Event happened in Indio, California. Countless songs fans collected to listen to performances by artists at 6 major phases, consisting of Girl Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Radiohead, Crystal Castles, New Order, Bon Iver, Bastille, and also a lot more. The event… Keep Reading

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Along the North Korean Boundary (32 images).

With much of the world’s interest once again focused on North Korea, several international photojournalists are doing their best to cover the reclusive country. However, North Korea still snugly restricts the activities of checking out reporters within its boundaries, and also manages exactly what can be photographed. For digital photographers searching in from simply over… Keep Reading

Photo Nerd

State of minds of Manhattan by Elia Locardi

Moods of Manhattan by Elia Locardi Back in March when we first arrived for a shooting job in New york city, it was a cozy spring environment of 65 degrees. Then, the next evening when I captured this photo on the Brooklyn side, it was 12 degrees with a severe wind chill! It was so… Keep Reading

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A Weekend of Protest Against Trump’s Immigration Ban (35 photos)

Shortly after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily barring citizens of seven predominantly Muslim nations, protests arose in airports across the country, where some travelers were being detained. Over the weekend, demonstrators with signs and lawyers offering legal advice jammed airports, while rallies and marches took place in city streets and squares. Gathered here,… Keep Reading

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Halfway Through the Battle for Mosul (35 photos)

Three months ago, thousands of Iraqi and Kurdish troops, supported by the United States, France, Britain, and other western nations, began a massive operation to retake Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul from ISIS militants. At this stage, Iraqi government troops have announced that they have gained control of the eastern half of Mosul. Advancing… Keep Reading

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A Trip Around Saturn (25 photos)

After nearly 13 years in orbit around Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is now preparing for its “Grand Finale.” In April of 2017, Cassini will begin a series of dives between the gas giant’s cloudtops and the inner rings—on its way to a fiery end when it burns up in Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15. As… Keep Reading

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Israeli Police Evict Settlers From Illegal Outpost (25 photos)

Yesterday, Israeli police began evicting several dozen hardline Jewish settlers and supporters from an unauthorized outpost settlement in the West Bank. The Israeli Supreme Court declared the settlement named Amona—the largest of about 100 similar outposts—was built on private Palestinian land and ordered it demolished. The eviction took place shortly after the Israeli government announced… Keep Reading

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Tess by Peter Coulson

Tess by Peter Coulson © Peter Coulson 2016 Photographer Peter Coulson Model: Tess Perrone Hair & Make-up: Eleonora G Pellegrini Assistant: Rozanna Nazar Lighting: Milan Natural light Peter Coulson: Photos 500px: Keep Reading

Photo Nerd

Emergence by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

Emergence by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim Castle Mountain Alberta I’m still working on some images from the Western Arthurs trip but here’s a call back to another great trip we had to Canada. The contrasts between the trips was incredible both from the point of view of the landscape itself and the style of… Keep Reading

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