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Compressed Spaces by Peter Stewart

Compressed Spaces by Peter Stewart A late night view over the high rises and skyscrapers of Wan Chai and Causeway Bay districts, in Hong Kong. www.peterstewartphotography.com Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter Peter Stewart: Photos 500px: Keep Reading

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Mongolia’s “Unbreakable Flower” (17 photos)

Soronzonboldyn Battsetseg, whose name translates to “unbreakable flower,” is determined to win gold in Rio. The female wrestler won bronze in London in 2012 and is training twice a day—with both men and women—to prepare for next month’s Olympics. “From ancient times we have been a wrestling country,” her coach, Sukhbataar, said to Reuters. “Mongolian… Keep Reading

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Scenes From Wimbledon 2016 (25 photos)

The 2016 Wimbledon Championships concluded on Sunday, wrapping up the 139th year of the world’s oldest tennis competition. Despite rain delays at the start of the tournament, players pressed on, celebrities filled the seats, and fans brought costumes, umbrellas, and good spirits. Seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer was bested in the semi-finals by Milos Raonic,… Keep Reading

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Searching for Pokémon Go (22 photos)

Pokémon Go mania has firmly taken hold, as players armed with smartphones scour streets, parks, rivers, and mountains to capture creatures in the new augmented reality game. The free application is based on a 20-year old Nintendo Gameboy title in which players collect, train, and then battle Pokémon. The game was adapted to the mobile… Keep Reading

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Scenes From the Republican National Convention (31 photos)

Thousands descended on Cleveland this week to attend the four-day Republican National Convention at Ohio’s Quicken Loans Arena. The crowd was composed of delegates, politicians, protesters, journalists, and even some celebrities like boxing promoter Don King. The GOP event comes to a close this evening with a speech by Donald Trump, the party’s official nominee… Keep Reading

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Flying Around the World in a Solar Powered Plane (28 photos)

The journey took a very long time—505 days to fly 26,000 miles (42,000 km) at an average speed of about 45 mph (70 kph)—but pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg successfully landed the Solar Impulse 2 aircraft in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, after flying around the world using only the power of the Sun. Solar… Keep Reading

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Inside The Strangest Museum On Earth

Oskar Proctor/The Viktor Wynd MuseumShrunken heads, skulls, and more in the Cabinet Dedicated to Dead People. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty ImagesA skeleton of a two-headed kitten. Oskar Proctor/The Viktor Wynd Museum“Celebrity Poos—Amy Winehouse—i, Viktor Wynd, do solemnly swear that i witnessed Amy Winehouse pooing into this jar on 25th Nov 2010—signed—Viktor Wynd—£120 or… Keep Reading

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Remembering the Korean War (41 photos)

Sixty-three years ago today, on July 27, 1953, the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed, ceasing hostilities between North Korean Communist forces, backed by China, and South Korean forces, backed by the United Nations. The war had raged across the Korean Peninsula for three years, leaving hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians dead. The Armistice… Keep Reading

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Bathing in Budapest (18 photos)

The hot springs at the Lukacs Bathhouse have been in use, in one way or another, since the 12th century. According to Reuters, locals and visitors alike attribute the mineral-rich waters with a special healing power. Bathers flock to the Hungarian spa for its steam rooms, saunas, pools, and special treatments. Keep Reading

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Glow in the Dark by Korawee Ratchapakdee

Glow in the Dark by Korawee Ratchapakdee Candles are an age old traditional part of Buddhist rituals. In conjunction with incense and flowers, candles are placed in front of Buddhist shrines or statues and images of the Buddha as a mark of respect. They are often accompanied by offerings of food and drink. The light… Keep Reading

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