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Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia

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Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia

It feels a little strange to be writing about our winter adventures while the sun is shining over Vancouver and temperatures hit 22 degrees Celsius this afternoon (that’s 72 degrees for our friends to the south). It’s only been a few weeks since our trip to Sun Peaks, but we did visit late in the season and summer has decided to arrive early here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. No complaints over here!

Today I’d like to share our experience dog sledding with Mountain Man Adventures.

We went dog sledding last year, when we visited the Canadian Rockies (more on that experience here), but this time our oldest boy, Braydon, came along for the ride. 

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that the mountain resort has shut down its winter activities and is now shifting its focus to summer adventures. So, if this post inspires you to visit British Columbia and try dog sledding, you’ll just have to wait until the next winter season begins!

Braydon loves dogs. His favorite stuffie is a blue and white puppy, aptly named “Puppy”, and this stuffed animal goes every where he goes. I mean EVERY where. Let’s just say this well-loved stuffie has seen better days.

Over the past few months, on numerous occasions, Braydon has said, “I really wish I had a real dog”. He’s not getting one. No way, no chance. Our lifestyle is not ideal for puppy ownership and we’ve got enough on our plate as is, but it’s nice to see that he has a soft spot for animals.

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

When the good people at Sun Peaks Resort asked if we’d be interested in going on a dog sledding tour I jumped at the opportunity, knowing that Braydon would love it. It would be a perfect mommy-and-son winter adventure.

The kennels and trails are located just outside the alpine village, so we made our way to the Sundance Daycare Centre and jumped on a short shuttle that transported us to the facility. Our shuttle bus was greeted by Campbell and two young, energetic Alaskan Husky puppies who were waiting eagerly for our arrival.

Braydon immediately wanted to play with the dogs.

Campbell introduced us to the team that would be pulling our sled that afternoon. They jumped and barked with excitement. You can tell they love running through the forest.

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Braydon and I were paired with Campbell. There were 3 groups that afternoon. Each dog sled carries two passengers.

Braydon was thrilled to have the opportunity to pet each dog and say hello before we snuggled in the sled. The name of the dogs pulling our sled that afternoon was Pilsner, Sparkey, Turtles, Burton, Oakley, Porter and Dusty. A few of the dogs were quite affectionate and they smiled as we rubbed and patted their heads.

It’s common practice for Mountain Man Dog Sledding Adventures to ask that all guests greet their dogs first, and make sure they give them attention. Campbell explained that they want their dogs to be well socialized. It’s evident that the owners love their dogs and that they’re treated well.

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

It snowed quite a bit that day, which made for perfect conditions.

Fortunately, we were prepared for the conditions and had our Columbia snowboarding gear with us, including googles. Weather and temperatures in the mountains can change quickly, so it’s always wise to prepare for all weather conditions.

We climbed into the sled with Campbell’s assistance and got quite cozy. We were bundled together with Braydon sitting between my legs. He curled up and got comfy. In fact, he was so comfortable that I actually thought he was going to fall asleep (he learned to ski for the first time earlier that day, so he was getting quite tired).

Dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

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