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Donkey Smiles From Ear To Ear After Being Rescued From Flood In Ireland

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Last Sunday a donkey, desperately stranded in a flooded river, was spotted by Suzanne Gibbons in Kilorglin, Ireland. The woman shared a post on her Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) Facebook page asking for help.

Luckily, Mike Fleming of the Killorglin rowing club responded and came along with his boat. “He was my last chance and phone call to beg for a boat,” wrote Gibblings who can’t swim. “I knew straight away he had the guts to do it. No negative attitude just come on girl we’ll give it a go.”

The donkey was safely pulled out of the water with a rope and a life-saver. After being rescued, he surprised everyone with a wonderful smile! The donkey has a loving owner and is well taken care of; he only escaped from his stable because the wind blew-open the gate.

More info: savinglives.ahar.ie

A donkey was spotted stranded in a flooded river in Kilorglin, Ireland


Unfortunately, Suzanne, the woman who saw it, didn’t have a boat nor knew  how to swim


Luckily, Mike Fleming of the Killorglin rowing club came along with his boat


Poor animal was pulled out of the water with a rope and a life-saver


He broke into a smile straight away!


“We’ve named him Mike”


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