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Don’t let the low Canadian dollar stop you from traveling to the United States

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Don’t let the low Canadian dollar stop you from traveling

We’ve noticed an increase in the conversation around the low Canadian dollar and travel to the United States. After reading the post we wrote about our recent trip to Mount Baker in Washington State, we had multiple people ask us about how we deal with the terrible currency exchange rate that Canadians are currently faced with.

The general tone of these conversations is that people, especially families traveling with kids, are considering putting travel to the United States on hold until the low Canadian dollar bounces back.

Canadians have a new reality – the low dollar is expected to stick around for a while. 

While we certainly appreciate the need to save money and respect the travel budget, we don’t feel the low Canadian dollar is enough of a roadblock to stop travel to the United States.

Sure, you can always put travel on hold to save a few dollars, but we are firm believers that you should not put life on hold. Life is unpredictable, so if you’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon or the Florida Keys, there’s no better time to visit than today.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve been combating the low Canadian dollar.

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Look for Dollar-for-Dollar promotions

To help Canadians overcome the currency exchange rate challenges, Myrtle Beach businesses have come together to offer discounts that essentially offset the exchange rate deficit.

The Toronto Star published an article about the Myrtle Beach program a few months ago.

“Canadians can get hotel, dining, entertainment, golf and attraction deals that are up to 30 per cent off (with a some deals going as far as 65 per cent off). This more or less puts Canadian and American dollars on par.” [source]

Many other tourism-dependent destinations in the United States are following suit. Do your research, there are lots of deals to be had.


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Rent an apartment instead of hotel

We prefer apartment rentals when traveling with our boys because we like having a kitchen and separate sleeping areas. By having a kitchen, we cook our own meals and cut down on expensive restaurants. Convenience aside, apartment rentals are often cheaper than hotels, especially if you need multiple rooms.

We don’t have loyalty to one apartment specific rental website but we like AirBnB and VRBO.

The longer you stay in one place, the cheaper the rates tend to be. For snowbirds looking to head south for the winter, booking an apartment for several weeks or months at a time will save you a lot of money.

For Canadians who are lucky enough to own property in the US, you can pay household expenses and bills (ie. utility bills), from Canada, using the new US Bill Pay service that TD Bank recently introduced. It’s less expensive than current options like bank drafts and wire transfers and it’s similar to paying a Canadian bill online from your account. This product also allows you to take advantage of discounts you get by opening a US retail store credit card.


Visit less popular destinations

The low Canadian dollar is hurting many of the less popular US destinations that rely on tourism. Similar to Myrtle Beach, many of these destinations are reducing rates on hotels, tours and flights to attract more visitors.

Instead of visiting the big, expensive US cities that are less impacted by the low Canadian dollar, consider the secondary markets and rural destinations.


Be flexible with travel dates

Being flexible with your flight days and times will help you save money. The general consensus amongst industry experts is that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly, with Friday and Saturday being the most expensive. If you adjust your flight dates and times you can save up 20% in some cases [source].

It’s also wise to avoid traveling in peak season, which is typically December to March for warm climates like Florida, Arizona and California.


Set-up Airfare Alerts

All of the major travel broker websites have an option for you to set up an airfare alert. You can do this for some of hotel/accommodation websites too. This is a great way to take advantages of last minute deals.

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