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Over Canada as well as Greenland With NASA’s Procedure IceBridge (28 images).

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Getty Images photographer Mario Tama just returned from the Arctic, after coming with researchers with NASA’s Procedure IceBridge as they flew sets of eight-hour research trips over components of Canada, Greenland, as well as the Arctic Sea on their Arctic spring project. Scientists are checking Arctic ice loss and also researching how polar ice has actually evolved over the previous 9 years. The flights were conducted aboard a retrofitted 1966 Lockheed P-3 aircraft, flying from Thule Air Base in northwestern Greenland. Tama reports that “according to NASA scientists and also the National Snow and Ice Data Center, sea ice in the Arctic appears to have actually gotten to the most affordable maximum winter degree ever taped on March 7.” And, if you appreciate these photos, please see Tama’s

shots from Antarctica in 2014. An area of an ice area is seen from NASA’s Operation IceBridge research study airplane on March 29, 2017, over Ellesmere Island, Canada. The ice fields of Ellesmere Island are pulling away due to warming temperature levels. (Mario Tama/ Getty)

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