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Purity through Fire by Daniel Herr

Purity through Fire by Daniel Herr Whenever I think of Landmannlaugar( or Laki, which is my individual no1), I am asking myself if it was/is real. And also if you think or do not, it is genuine. Like a dream you never ever want to get up from. Everybody, who did a first step to… Keep Reading

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marià castelló martínez restores landmark 18th century tower on a mediterranean island

finished in 1763, the ‘pi des català’ tower is one of four defensive lookout structures on the coast of formentera, the tiniest of spain’s balearic islands. The post marià castelló martínez restores site 18th century tower on a mediterranean island appeared initially on designboom|style & layout publication. designboom|architecture & layout magazinedesignboom|architecture & style publication Keep Reading

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Victory Day Parade in Moscow (24 photos)

Today was observed throughout the previous Soviet republics as Success Day– the 72nd wedding anniversary of the loss of Nazi Germany on Might 9, 1945. Thousands of participants of Russia’s armed forces marched via Moscow’s Red Square together with over 100 pieces of mobile army hardware, while professionals dressed in their medal-festooned uniforms gathered in… Keep Reading

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The ‘Coffin Residence’ of Hong Kong (17 images).

Associated Press photographer Kin Cheung hung around recently photographing some of the tiny subdivided housing units in Hong Kong, called “coffin homes,” and those that reside in them. Cheung reports that there is a “dark side to the residential or commercial property boom in rich Hong Kong, where thousands of thousands of individuals evaluated of… Keep Reading

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Human Landscapes of Mexico (30 photos).

Mexico is a massive and also varied country, with about 120 million individuals residing in 770,000 square miles (2 million sq kilometres). Modern Mexicans, as well as primitive cultures, have been improving the land to their needs for centuries, much of that influence visible from aerial and satellite photography– from pyramids and canals to resorts,… Keep Reading

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Mount Etna, Europe’s A lot of Active Volcano (26 images).

Mount Etna, on the Italian island of Sicily, is not only the greatest active volcano in Europe at 10,810 feet (3,295 meters), yet is among one of the most energetic in the globe. Historical monitorings of Etna’s eruptions return regarding 3,500 years, with geological monitorings reaching back numerous countless years. While recent eruptions have rarely… Keep Reading

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