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the all in multitool hides in your bike crank, adding a touch of italian finesse

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the all in multitool rests neatly inside the axle crank of your bike, adhering to the lower bracket through a magnetic ring hidden inside its stylish cap.

People Are Adding “And Then The Murders Began” To Famous Book Openings, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

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The opening line of a book is extremely important, as it has to be intriguing and powerful enough to capture the reader’s imagination. Then, the second line has to intensify the intrigue. Coming up with these lines can be pretty difficult, yet one writer came up with a second line that would almost always heighten the intrigue to its peak, and the Internet is going crazy.
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Francisco Mangado expands a Spanish museum by adding a new building behind a historic facade

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Spanish architect Francisco Mangado has created contemporary galleries for a fine arts museum in northern Spain by inserting a crystalline glass building behind the leftover facade of a demolished block.

Fine Arts of Asturias by Francisco Mangado

Navarra-based architect Francisco Mangado won a competition to redevelop the home of Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias.

His proposal was to insert a glazed five-storey structure behind the decorative stone facade of a demolished building on Calle de la Rúa, slotted between the museum’s existing buildings – the Baroque Velarde Palace and a 17th-century house known as Casa Oviedo-Portal.

Fine Arts of Asturias by Francisco Mangado

“More than just a facade, this is an element of great formal, visual, and functional intensity,” explained Mangado, whose past projects include a faceted auditorium building in Alicante.

“The project concentrates the two periods in this thick facade and allows an oblique view of the existing city, from inside, through these facades.”

Fine Arts of Asturias by Francisco Mangado

The glass skin that front the building’s three overground storeys is visible through the window and door openings of the original facades. It also rises above the terracotta-tiled roofs of neighbouring properties in a few locations.

“The new facade with an elaborate glass finish produces a play of crossed reflections inside; an interaction between two facades that creates a space of rich intensity,” said Mangado.

Fine Arts of Asturias by Francisco Mangado

Behind the facades, the museum sprawls out to frame a courtyard in the centre of the block. Glazed walkways traverse the courtyard, connecting to further galleries at the rear.

“Through luminous glazed catwalks, the courtyard becomes a place for encounters and an element connecting the various buildings of the museum complex,” said the architect.

Fine Arts of Asturias by Francisco Mangado

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