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Kickstarter: The Phoblographer is Raising Funds for an Analog Photography Zine

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A $ 25 pledge will get you a copy

Toyota’s Kikai Concept Brings A Little Analog Vibe To Tokyo Motor Show

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Although it looks like a mix between a hot rod, a buggy and a golf-cart, the Kikai is probably one of the most eye-catching concepts unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.
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Analog Alien Announce The ‘Bucket Seat’

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analog alien butcket seat
Press Release
We are proud to announce the release of our first single effect guitar pedal in the Fall of 2015. The Bucket Seat is the junior version of the already released and supremely popular Rumble Seat. The official release of the Bucket Seat will be on October 15, 2015. MSRP will be at a super affordable $ 199 USD.

The Bucket Seat is the same Rumble Drive circuit that is found in our 5-star pedal the “Rumble Seat” – which is herald by artists like James Burton (Elvis Presley), Stevie Wonder, and Joe Walsh (James Gang, The Eagles, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band). Everything from mild overdrive to a full on high gain assault is possible with the Bucket Seat.

Check the Analog Alien site for more info.

Analog Alien Launches the Exclusive Joe Walsh Double Classic Pedal

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Press Release
Guitar effects pedal company Analog Alien is proud to announce the launch of a new exclusive pedal in the Fall of 2015. The official release of the Joe Walsh Double Classic will be on October 1, 2015.MSRP will be $ 299 USD.

The Joe Walsh Double Classic is a dual effects pedal designed in collaboration with legendary guitarist Joe Walsh (The Eagles, Barnstorm, James Gang, The Party Boys, and Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band). This is the first official signature multi-effects stompbox by Walsh in his near 50-year career.

This unique, one of a kind pedal, combines two essential circuits: Compressor & Classic Amp, which Walsh uses in both live performances and studio recordings.

The Compressor on the Joe Walsh Double Classic allows you to control the dynamic range of your instrument. Unlike most stompbox compressors, the compressor in the JWDC has a very natural sound and is musical – much like professional rack mounted compressors found in professional studios. Adjustments can be made with a sensitivity, ratio, and output controls.

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