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How To Start a Blog in 2017 – Step-by-step Guide for Newbies

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How to start or setup a blog? Is there any technical info needed for it? Or is there a fee to start a blog? If you have such questions, I must say at the very beginning that you are absolutely right.

Believe me, I’ve been through the roads you’ve been through and I did not even have the slightest idea of ​​blogging when I decided to blog. I did not even know what a blog is.

All I had was writing ability. I set up my first blog years ago by following a guide like you would read here at the same time. I have developed myself for years in the name of blogging and blogging. I have more than one blog right now and I get good income from all of them.

I decided to write a guide on how to blog, with the reason that I live in trouble and I do not have a proper guide in this regard.

I promise you that;

Your blogging guide will be quite simple and understandable, even without skipping a single point. Even if you stick at any point, you can get free support from me.


Preface / General Information:
>> Why you should start a blog
>> Is Blogging Free?
>> Can I Earn Money From the Blog?
>> Starting a blog requires technical knowledge?
>> What Platform Should I Use to Blog?

How to Setup a Blog / Step by Step Lessons:
>> Host and Domain
>> Domain Name Finding
>> Hosting and Domain Buying
>> Installing WordPress

Things to do after blogging:
>> Blog Design Creation
>> First Writing


1: Making Production: If you have the desire to create something in your soul, to add something to humanity and humanity, you can fulfill this desire by writing blogs, producing information.

2: Making Money: You can both fulfil this desire and get a substantial income from this production.

Yes, it is possible to earn money by writing a blog. You may not be aware of it, but be sure you are doing it already anyway, but you are giving it to someone else, not to yourself.

Do you answer people’s questions every day on forum sites? Or do you actively produce content in any forum sub-topic?

No ? Are you using social media every day acutely? Are you actively involved in social media by producing an image – a photo or text, ie any content, or liking or sharing any content that is most simply produced?

Here, if you are already doing any of the above mentioned items in your daily life, you can earn money by means of this production, not yours, but the blogs/sites you are creating.

However, instead of making money by making blog entries, that is, by starting a blog, you can earn your own money.

 3: Sharing Your Ideas with the World: Are you a person who likes to think, write, share what you think with people? If so, why do you keep it restricted to just your surroundings? Or with the forums, or your friends on facebook? Why do not you share your thoughts with writing and so people can find it with Google?

 4: Being popular: In fact, by sharing your experiences, your expertise, your folks with people, you get an endless or unprecedented popularity. Do not under estimate yourself!


There are many platfroms to create a blog. Paid ones, free ones. Of course, since no one will provide free service to anyone at this time, the platforms that are free of charge also have either restrictions or profits from you.

But if you want to open a professional blog, like hundreds of popular blogs you read in the World, you need to pay a fee for it to be published 24/7, including the blog you are reading now.

How much is this fee? How much do I have to pay to open a blog? Let’s say right now: The annual fee maximum for beginner or even middle level starts $50.


Absolutely! Making money with blog writing is literally possible. If not, would millions of people deal with this? You also win such a thing that you can not even believe the numbers you earn.

The simplest you can think of is; You are writing a blog, blogging, and appealing to a mass of production you do, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people.

In other words, you have a real power to reach thousands of people at your fingertips and make an impact on thousands of people. Do not you think that this power that will influence others’ decisions, thoughts, will make you money? It will definitely win.

# I responded in general, but if you want to learn the methods of winning in detail, take a look at the article titled Making money from blog. There will be many methods described in this article.


You do not need any coding knowledge or too much technical terms to create a blog. All you need is to use the computer you need. Whether you are 15 years old or 65, you can easily follow the blog post without any technical knowledge.

Believe me, both the housewife and the 3 mother-in-law have bloggers who know nothing about coding in their life and have won thousands of dollars a month with the blog they have opened.


There are many free and free platforms on behalf of blogging. Which one should you use? I would recommend you platform WordPress, which forms the sub-structure of half of all the web sites that are installed in the World. And I will make my narration on this platform

In fact, you have 3 options in total. 1- Blogger 2- WordPress.com and 3.WordPress.org. The first two of these three options are free and the third one is WordPress is free too but it needs a hosting platform to install.

Which Platfrom Should I Prefer?

Even without thinking for a second WordPress.org, I mean the free platform. I will recommend it to you, and I will make my narration through this platform. I am using this platform for 6 years and I know the advantages and disadvantages of all platforms to the finest detail.

And believe me if I win thousands of pounds a month from my blogs today, I owe it all to the platform I use.

The Biggest Disadvantage of Free Blogging Platforms?

There are 2 major disadvantages to blog creation on Blogger and WordPress.com for free.

1: In both, your blog address will be as follows:

Yourblogadress.blogger.com or yourblogaddress.wordpress.com

That is to say, long, non-resilient addresses that are not at all memorable. Why would your blog address be YourGreatIdea.blogger.com instead of YourGreatIdea.com?

They are free to market your own brands, placing you own names on your labor, free of you at a cost.

2: It is not possible to earn money from blogs that are opened via free blogging platforms.

That’s because 99% of the sites that have the google ads (google adsense) subdomain, that is, your blogaddress.blogger.com, approve ad publishing applications.

These are just 2 of the dozens of free blog blogging platforms. Are Blogger Or WordPress? If you are unsure about the platform, be sure to read on.


# The process of setting up a blog site will work like this; We will first purchase a domain and hosting, and we will install the WordPress subdomain on this domain and hosting. Do not think of terms that I do not know at the beginning of the journey because I explain immediately;


Domain: It is a registered domain name on your behalf. In other words, like Yourblog.com, like this site DailyNerdy.com. Costs approximately $10-15 yearly.

Hosting:: Hostings are the servers where you host your blog files, allowing your blog to stay open 24/7. You can think of computers as always open.


In this step, we will set a domain name for our blog. We will first set up a domain name and we will find out if the domain name we have already purchased has been purchased by someone else.

Note: We do not make purchases in this step !! We will make the purchase with the host. At this point, only the next step will be to check if the domain name we bought with hosting was purchased by someone else.

First of all, click here and we will query your domain name and you will see the field name query part you see in the picture below. (Immediately on top of the page)

1: Type in the domain name (domain address) you have designated for your blog in the Find your ideal domain name field in the image above.

2: Then click on the Search for Domain Name button.

The company will then direct you to your Domain registration address and tell you if the domain name is available for purchase.

For example, I wrote “I am a blogger” for trial purposes and as a result of my question yes! Your domain name is available. The company gave me the message you got before someone else took it.


We recommend you to use Bluehost as a hosting service. Why?
1- Low Pricing: You are just starting a blogging career. You don’t need to pay big amounts of money as a starter. BlueHost pricing is cheap in the market. Cheap but not low quality service. You can find cheaper hosting alternatives. But the quality of service and support on that cheaper hosts will make you mad at the end. Bluehost hosting price is starting at $3.95/month. Well it’s actually $7.99 but with this special discounted price link you can get it $3.99 monthly.

2. Safe and Secure: You should be safe from hackers and viruses with Bluehost. There are many tools installed automatically on your service to prevent spam, DDos attacks and vulnerability hacking attacks.

3. Official WordPress Recommendation Hosting: Yes, we are going to use free WordPress platform on our blog. So it’s good to be use on a service WordPress recommended.

4. One-click WordPress install: Yes, after signed up to BlueHost you will install WordPress in 3 seconds! And you can start writing, creating money making blog right after 3 second WordPress install.

5. FREE DOMAIN NAME: I saved the best for the last. Yes you can get a FREE DOMAIN NAME if you sign up Bluehost. So please make sure that you have find a good domain name first. You will save $10-15 yearly because of this free domain name offer of Bluehost.

So, all you need to do sign up Bluehost to speed up to start blogging career.



After you signed up BlueHost, you can setup WordPress in 1 click.

  1. Visit the Marketplace section on your BlueHost cPanel.
  2. Click first icon says the “One-Click Installs”.
    One-Click Installs
  3. Select “WordPress.”  Be aware that WordPress version shown in the image may not be the most current version.
    WordPress Icon
  4. Click the big “Install” button link
    Start a brand new installation
  5. Choose your domain name to install it to.
    Select installation domain

    You can fill the next field to the domain  with a subfolder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog. So the domain name will be your blog

  6. If you want, you can edit the email, username and password for your WP installation. Click that “advanced options” to change those settings.
  7. Read license and service agreements and check the boxes.
  8. Select the big “Install Now” button link. And it’s done, you can now login to your WordPress control panel.


Once you have logged in to your blog’s admin panel, go to the Appearance >> Themes tab on the left panel and click the Add New button at the top of the pop-up screen on the right.

Then you will get all of the ready-made designs coded up to now on the base of WordPress.org (under the Latest tab). There are over 4000 designs in the WordPress.org subdirectory.

Hover over each design to examine it. The Setup and Preview buttons will be disabled. With the preview button you can examine how your design will look in your blog and instantly set up a theme you like with one click with the Setup button. You can choose and apply any theme to your blog. In one click your site’s design will be change with the them you choose. That is super easy. There are tons of free themes. If you need more professional blog design, you can buy super cool WordPress themes starts from $19.


After logging into the WordPress admin area Posts menu, click on the Add New on the left toolbar.

After that, you’ll see your Post Editor screen. Write a post title on the box above. Then you can write your article to the big box below. You can use formatting tools (like Word) to make your article charming. After completing your writing, you can choose a category on the left, and add some tags if you want. And hit the Publish button. Voila! Your first blogpost is online!

That was my how to blogging guide in general. What’s after this point?

First of all, it’s useful to do some research on how to use WordPress and watch a few videos.

Do not worry. Using WordPress is a lot easier than you think. Within a day you can easily learn what to do.

Good Blogging!


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