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Husband Asks Why His Wife Was Fired From A Company She Worked For 11 Years, And Things Escalated Hilariously

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Cracker Barel, the restaurant chain with a Southern country theme, has been getting a lot of attention on social media lately, but not for a good reason…

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Just recently Cracker Barrel fired a woman that had worked for them for 11 years for an unknown reason. And she was fired on her husband’s birthday! Her husband, Brad, went to their Facebook page to ask why but, unfortunately, didn’t get an answer. Now, thousands of Internet users are seeking justice for Brad’s wife by trolling Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page. People are asking why Brad’s wife was fired and making jokes wherever they have the chance – which means on every single post! Hopefully, Brad and his wife will get an answer soon. #JusticeForBradsWife

More info: Facebook

It all started with a simple question on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page


But things escalated pretty hilariously with thousands of people demanding an answer for Brad



People are trolling their Facebook page by asking why Brad’s wife was fired and making jokes wherever they have the chance


Which means on every single post



Unfortunately, Cracker Barrel is ignoring all the trollers





The worst part?


She was fired on her husband’s birthday













Cute Lap Buddies That Protect Your Wrists And Keep You Company

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The Japanese strike again with cuteness. This time, they came up with oh-so adorable wrist rests in the shape of various well-known critters.

“PC character cushion” features a variety of Japan’s beloved anime and video games characters, such as Kapibara-san and Komasan. You can get the cushion online for an average price of $ 47.80. Are you an office type with sore wrists who can’t get enough of cute? Go, give them your money.

More info: p-bandai.jp (h/t: rocketnews24)





GM Purchases Sidecar Ride-Sharing Company After Lyft Investment

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On the back of investing $ 500 million into ride-sharing app Lyft, General Motors has just acquired the majority of Sidecar Technologies, another ride-hailing firm.
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Company Builds Pre-Fab Hobbit Houses In 3 Days And You Can Actually Live There

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Ever wanted to live in the Middle-earth? Embrace yourselves, your geekiest dream may be just one house away. A company called Green Magic Homes came up with an idea to build tiny prefabricated houses that look exactly like Hobbit holes and can be assembled by 3 people in a few days time!

Just like Hobbit holes, these houses are designed to exist under a layer of soil and turf and can even produce food if you decided to grow some veggies on the roof. Heck, if you are not a fan of greens, they can even be covered with sand or snow, depending on where you live.

If you have a vision of your own, this company can make it happen as their modular system offers endless possibilities of design. Cozy, eco-friendly houses that neatly blend in with nature, I mean you don’t even need to be a Tolkien fan to appreciate the idea!

More info: greenmagichomes.com (h/t: inhabitat)








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How Can Jaguar Design Stay ‘Exotic’ As The Company Builds More Cars?

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Adam Hatton is a 17-year veteran of Jaguar’s design team and still tries to forget the “retro days.”

1925 Stromberg-Voisinet Tenor guitar, from the company that became Kay

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This is a beautiful 90 year old tenor guitar. She’s had some work done to keep her looking young. With a spruce top, birch back and sides, and mother-of-toiletseat fretboard it’s hard not to love this odd shaped tenor.

I’m always surprised when I see a tenor guitar with a pin-less bridge. Even though I know that the tension is similar to a regular six string ( if using a string gauge that accommodates the scale and pitch) I always feel like the bridge could fly off at any moment.

Powerhouse Company unveils “egg in a box” student pavilion for Erasmus University

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Powerhouse Company has completed a new college student centre for Erasmus University in Rotterdam, which features a transparent exterior and a curving oak interior (+ movie).

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Ronald Tilleman

Explained by the Dutch studio as getting an “egg-in-a-box arrangement”, the one,800-sq.-metre student pavilion is intended to turn into the new social coronary heart of the college campus, found to the east of the metropolis centre.

A single of the main aims of the venture was to produce a brilliant and welcoming space for personnel and students, so Powerhouse Firm designed the constructing to be as open as possible – with the most general public activities concentrated around the perimeter.

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Ronald Tilleman

This idea resulted in a building with two levels. Cafe and review locations sit immediately guiding the transparent facade, whilst storage areas and service spaces are positioned behind a curving wall of timber, which also encloses a two hundred-seat events space.

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Ronald Tilleman

The foyer is positioned on the south facade, where it fronts a community plaza. A study location sits beside the north-east wall to restrict glare on laptop screens, whilst the cafe operates together the western edge to advantage from evening solar.

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Rene de Wit

“This ‘egg in a box’ arrangement preserves the transparency of the exterior via its floor-to-ceiling glazing,” explained the architects, who gained a competitiveness to design and style the constructing in 2010.

“It makes it possible for the pavilion to far better link with its surroundings as well as to stimulate passersby to stream in from all elevations.”

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Rene de Wit

The developing is just two storeys substantial, which the architects hope will supply “a welcome split among the tall Brutalist buildings of the university’s suburban campus”.

Erasmus Pavilion by Powerhouse Company
Photograph by Rene de Wit

The stepped landscape of the web site authorized equally stages to meet the ground, and the curving methods of an adjacent pathway continue inside the developing, forming the main internal staircase.

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