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alain gilles juxtaposes fake materials in mirror collection for deknudt

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taking on the idea of understanding, the items showcase the addition of either a perforated metal or a wooden texture.

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Guy Takes Fake Book Covers Onto Subway To See How People React

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Some people have been known to lie about reading certain books in order to make themselves look smart. But nobody pretends to read certain books to make themselves look deranged or perverted. Nobody but comedian Scott Rogowsky that is.

Not only that but he did it on the New York subway, one of the busiest subway systems in the world. In full view of other passengers, the brave comedian pretended to be engrossed by such questionably-named publications as Ass Eating Made Simple, Mein Kampf: for Kids!, How to Hold a Fart In, Slut-Shaming Your Baby, A Beginner’s Guide To Taxidermy and 1000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS. Needless to say, several passengers were more than a little surprised by the comedian’s seemingly shameless interest in “alternative” literature, although it certainly made their commute to work a little more interesting than usual.

Think these fake books are funny? Then click here to see some hilarious titles that, believe it or not, are actually real.

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Watch the full video to see more of his fake book covers:

Bored Panda

Mahindra’s Social Media Team Putting Fake Comments On MotorBeam

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There have been continuous positive comments being put on Mahindra articles from the same IP and the same has been happening since the past 3-4 months.

Mahindra Fake Comments

Notice the frequency of comments from the same IP address

At MotorBeam, we take pride in the fact that every comment put in by our readers is read very seriously. It is our constant endeavour to connect with readers to either clear doubts or debate, but create a platform to express freely nonetheless. Hence, it becomes a tad bit easier to know when the reader is genuine or a fake profile worked up by the social media team of an automaker. That, and also since too many accounts generating positive comments for a particular brand from the same IP address smells fishy.

In this particular case, we’ve caught Mahindra’s social media team doing something called as ‘Astroturfing’, putting in positive comments on articles related to its products on MotorBeam. A quick check and we came to know that the accounts are most obviously fake and generated from the same IP address. The comments have been coming in for over three-four months now. As much as we appreciate Mahindra’s team checking out our content and would ask them to do so more often, this practice isn’t really taken in good spirt by us or our readers alike, not to forget the unethicality behind it.

The problem here lies in the idea of falsely changing perceptions. Internet as a medium allows you to express your opinions freely, not to forget MotorBeam has encouraged the same time and again, because of which a car/motorcycle user or enthusiast response has an equal say here. The problem lies when fake comments made by the social media team try to positively influence the perceptions of prospective customers. Companies need to remember that we at MotorBeam read each and every comment and when we smell something fishy, the first thing we do is verify the IP address. Our regular readers are wise enough to report a comment when they find something wrong, which raises an instant fire alarm at our end.

Mahindra Gusto Fake Comments

Fake comments on the Mahindra Gusto long term report

We had the Mahindra Gusto for a long term review and we did not receive good mileage on the scooter and hence Mahindra’s social media team was seen posting inflated mileage numbers and overly positive comments on the Gusto long term report. We have been deleting such comments and banning those IPs since quite sometime now. It takes us less than 10 seconds to find such comments and bulk delete and blacklist (thank you Disqus).

Today social media is the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth and information on any product/service is readily available at the effort of a few clicks. So while these fake profiles are intended to swell up the brand’s appeal to the prospective buyer, it will do little to actually spread a positive word about the company. We are quite sure this would be the last of such comments that will be coming in and we surely look forward to reading your thoughts on this issue.

Mahindra Centuro Long Term

A ghost comment does not help a brand create positive percpetion

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This week, Norway destroyed fake Danish chairs and BIG unveiled plant-covered housing

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This week on Dezeen: we reported that Norwegian customs seized and obliterated 100 replicas of Danish designer Hans J Wegner’s Round Chair this week, and BIG revealed a terraced block of apartments in Stockholm (pictured).

Hans J Wegner The Round Chair
The Round Chair by Hans J Wegner

The replica chairs, produced in China, were ordered by a Norwegian restaurant owner for his business. Authorities seized the consignment and later destroyed them at the individual’s expense, despite PP Møbler – the copyright owners of the 1949 design – being offered money for their safe delivery.

79&Park Stockholm by BIG
79 & Park Stockholm by BIG

BIG’s latest stacked-box architectural design is currently under construction in Stockholm’s Gärdet district and is made up of four rectangular sections covered in greenery.

Airbus Stacking Aeroplane Seating Patent
Airbus’ patent for stacking aeroplane seating

In other news this week, Airbus patented a design that would see airplane passengers stacked on top of one another while traveling and London Design Festival founder John Sorrell told us that the UK’s design industry is under threat thanks to government cuts in creative eduction.

Cardboard Origami Car by Lexus
Cardboard Origami Car by Lexus

Lexus created a fully functional car made entirely out of cardboard, while Adidas released a 3D-printed shoe sole that can be tailored to the exact contours of the wearer’s feet.

Double Zero chair by David Adjaye for Moroso
Double Zero chair by David Adjaye for Moroso

Architect David Adjaye told us the story behind his first seating range for Moroso and Sebastiaan Deviaene explained how he uses video game development software to design medical implants.

Grace Farms by SANAA
Grace Farms in Connecticut by SANAA

We published the first official images of SANAA’s sinuous cultural centre at the Grace Farms nature reserve and reported on rumours that Apple is planning another Silicon Valley headquarters.

Kigali Art & Culture Centre, Rwanda by Groosman
Kigali Art & Culture Centre in Rwanda by Groosman

A proposal for an arts and culture centre in Rwanda featuring two huge cantilevered wings emerged and the former home of an SS commander at a Nazi concentration camp in the Netherlands was enclosed within a giant glass vitrine.

Dior store in Seoul by Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino

Popular projects this week on Dezeen included Dior’s garment-inspired store in Seoul, a fashion collection based on architecture by Sou Fujimoto and a wooden bicycle comprising a three-piece frame.

Wooden bicycle by Niko Schmutz
Wooden bicycle by Niko Schmutz

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Crazy Facts about the World That Sound Fake but are Totally True [Infographic]

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Did you know that Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined? How about the fact that Libya is composed of 99% desert? Or how about the fact that Saudi Arabia imports its camels from Australia? If you already knew these facts, then you might just be surfing the internet too much. But even if these factoids don’t wet your whistle, you’ll find plenty more strange-but-100%-true facts about the world in our infographic below….like the fact that Finland and North Korea are only separated by one country and that New York City is further south that Rome.

Crazy Travel Facts that seem strange but are true

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Matt Farah Says BMW M4’s Fake Engine Noise Doesn’t Matter

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The new BMW M3 and M4 seem to be to have riled up quite a few men and women on the world wide web with their faux engine sounds getting pumped into the cabin.

They argue that it’s mistaken to be piping in faux sound, when what they need to really be performing is making the car normally louder.
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