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Woman Accidentally Orders Tiny Dog Bed, Dog Pretends Everything Is Fine

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You probably know how it is: your mom buys you something, and it’s the wrong thing, but you don’t want to hurt her feelings, so you pretend to actually love it. That’s exactly what happened when the mom of @paetonmathes bought a new bed for their dog Kenny.

Kenny is such a good boy that he did his best to look grateful by posing with his new gift for a number of clearly awkward photos:

Remember it’s the thought that counts!

GamFratesi restores la maison du danemark with brasserie + fine dining hub in paris

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the project merges contemporary and classic danish designs for flora danica, a high-end brasserie, and copenhague, a fine dining restaurant.

The post GamFratesi restores la maison du danemark with brasserie + fine dining hub in paris appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

The Fine Art of the Jumping Photo: Philippe Halsman’s Jumpology

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Long before wedding photographers were asking their bridal parties to “jump” or #jumpshot had acquired over 100,000 posts on Instagram, Philippe Halsman was getting midair portraits of some of most important people of the 20th century with his Rolleiflex camera.

“I recognized that jumps had a therapeutic value,” Halsman wrote of his photographic technique. “When my sitters were self-conscious and tense, I asked them to jump. The mask fell. They became less inhabited, more relaxed—i.e. more photogenic.”

For a period of six years in the mid-‘50s whenever Halsman was commissioned to photograph someone he would inevitably ask them to jump. Over that time period he managed to capture airborne portraits of political figures like Richard Nixon, industry leaders like the members of the Ford family, Hollywood starlets like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe and New York nightlife photographer WeeGee. 197 of these playful portraits were published in his 1959 book, Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book, alongside an essay about the science of “Jumpology”—a term coined by Halsman. The book is being reissued by Damiani this November.

Scroll through any social media feed and it is clear that the “Jump Shot” remains a huge trend in photography today. The in-depth and humorous essay written by Halsman about the science of “Jumpology” that accompanies the pictures sheds plenty of light on what the photographer learned throughout this project

Here are five pointers to help modern-day jumpers master Halsman’s techniques.

There Are Two Types Of Jumpers: “Jumping humanity can be divided into two categories: one which tries to jump as high as possible and one which doesn’t care. The ones who try hard have ambition, drive and the desire to impress others. The ones who don’t care either don’t take the jump seriously or lack ambition.”

Props Can Be Fun: Although many of Halsman’s jumpers simply flung themselves into the air occasionally his subjects would ask for a prop. William Holden jumped over a cane, Maurice Evans asked for a jump rope and the ever-eccentric Dali jumped with his paint brush and pallet in hand, three cats thrown into the frame along with a bucket of water. It took Halsman 28 frames to nail the perfect jump shot.

A Jump Can Reveal Eternal Youth: When Halsman asked the 87-year old Judge Learned Hand to jump, the esteemed judge asked the photographer, “Don’t you think this might kill me?” The Judge decided to jump anyway and although Halsman recalls the difficulty of focusing his Rollei while photographing the jump he recalled: “The picture of the jump makes me less fearful for my own old age. I hope it will mean to the judge what it means to me—a proof that the secret of eternal youth is in one’s spirit.”

Don’t Take A Refusal to Jump Personally: Halsman said it was rare to encounter a person who refused his request to jump, estimating only two percent of people he asked declined, but when it did it happen it was “heart-breaking.” Don’t take a refusal to jump personally though. “The refusal to jump is a symptom of an exaggerated fear of losing one’s dignity—one who has dignity cannot lose it in a jump. It reveals a hidden deep-seated insecurity,” Hallsman wrote in his essay.

Always Make Sure There is Ample Head Room: “One does not want the patient to hit the ceiling,” Halsman advised.

American Photo

Fiat Chrysler to get $105m fine from NHTSA for recall woes

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will reportedly levy a $ 105 million fine against Fiat Chrysler Automotive over lapses in the reporting and handling of recalls and safety defects.

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the smart fortwo ed spends one fine day in austin for SXSW

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smart magazine highlights the perform of modern day visionaries and their tasks, which seek to increase life in the town.

The submit the intelligent fortwo ed spends one fantastic day in austin for SXSW appeared first on designboom | architecture &amp design journal.

designboom | architecture & style journal

pauline deltour’s fine collection for lexon, revamps minaudières

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consisting of a rechargeable bluetooth ‘speaker’, a ‘power bank’, a ‘cardholder’ and a ‘key ring and USB’, the ‘fine’ assortment, made by pauline deltour for lexon, are up to date necessities that slip into a handbag.

The submit pauline deltour&#8217s fine collection for lexon, revamps minaudières appeared first on designboom | architecture &amp design and style magazine.

designboom | architecture & design and style journal

DOT announces $10M fine for Graco car seat recall

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The Office of Transportation is fining Graco $ ten million for delaying its recall of six.one million automobile seats previous year. The security campaign started due to the fact latches on some of the firm’s merchandise could be extremely challenging to unfasten, which could set youngsters in risk.

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DOT announces $ 10M fantastic for Graco auto seat remember originally appeared on Autoblog on Sat, 21 Mar 2015 15:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Report: FTC cracking down on car dealer ads with fine print that’s too… fine [w/video]

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An advertisement from Billion Auto cited by the Federal Trade Commission as a violation of truth-in-lending rules.

Two a long time back the Federal Trade Commission served discover to 5 automobile sellers above what it regarded breaches of the Truth in Lending Act laws. One of the issues was that certain vendor advertisements promised to pay off the mortgage on a buyer’s trade-in, irrespective of the sum consumers thought they had been receiving entirely out of a bank loan, but the dealerships would add the adverse equity from the old loan into the acquire value of the new auto. Yet another problem for the FTC was that the ads didn’t obviously condition loan conditions like once-a-year share charge.

This month the FTC sanctioned two of those 5 dealers, Billion Auto and Ramey Motors, for continuing to run adverts with small print that was either misleading or extremely hard to discern. In one particular occasion, Billion Auto was caught for selling the cost of a vehicle after each and every available rebate without making it very clear that not all buyers would be qualified for every rebate, so possible buyers could get strike with a considerably greater price tag when it came time to negotiate a offer. Ramey Motors got pulled up for a television advertisement with fine print, like a down payment need, that was not possible to read.

Billion Automobile has agreed to spend $ 360,000 in penalties to settle the subject, Ramey will be fined $ 16,000 for every infraction of the 2012 administrative get. On a side be aware, an Automotive News piece on the FTC actions has a prolonged remark from “Carl Bonroy,” who claims he owns a dealership, outlining how convoluted the scenario is. Bonroy requires goal at the FTC, manufacturers with too several exclusionary rebates, sellers that do not make the conditions distinct and consumers who only spend focus to the most affordable advertised price tag. The summary of Bonroy’s viewpoint is: “OEM’s, FTC, do you *genuinely* want real marketing? Quit offering a rainbow of rebates! At very the very least, forbid ALL sellers from like ALL rebates into their sale rates and lease payment adverts. Allow them use ONLY rebates that 100% of folks qualify for and guess what? 75% of the bullcrap would be more than with.”

You can observe 1 of the issue Billion Automobile adverts in the movie underneath.

Keep on studying FTC cracking down on car supplier adverts with wonderful print which is as well… fine [w/movie]

FTC cracking down on vehicle seller advertisements with fine print which is as well… fantastic [w/video] initially appeared on Autoblog Archive on Fri, 19 Dec 2014 eleven:28:00 EST. You should see our phrases for use of feeds.

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