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turn your iPhone into a beige or black retro mac with elago’s smartphone stand

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users of the ‘M 4’ could quickly put an apple iphone 6, 6s or 7 into a tight port on the side of the stand.

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Skier Swings An iPhone 6 Around His Head For A Matrix-like “Bullet Time” Effect

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If you think that capturing epic footage of extreme sports requires some fancy equipment, you’re about to change your mind. Nicolas Vuignier, a professional skier, has taken selfies on a whole different level. He’s created a stunning Matrix-like video of his ski run by swinging his iPhone 6 around his head.

The 25-year-old Swiss calls his experiment “Centriphone” and, according to the man himself, it took him almost two years of tinkering and tweaking to achieve the desired result. But it has definitely paid off, as the footage is absolutely breathtaking (and yes – the phone still works!).

By the way, Nicolas has promised to make a tutorial on how to make this work, so stay tuned!

More info: Nico.skiYoutube | TumblrFacebookInstagram |  (h/t: Gizmodo)


Watch the stunning video below:

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I Create Surreal Worlds Using Only My Iphone

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Playing with paradoxes and mixing-up real environments with surreal interferences is the most fun during my ordinary day life.

When I walk down the street, I shoot anything that catches my attention, creating an immense archive of photos. The creation of a new dreamscape happens at a later stage in the concept: thanks to my pool of images, the editing process is then almost immediate through the use of iPhone apps like PsTouch, iDesign, Superimpose, MatterApp e Mextures.

My influences are a chimerical blend of the metaphysical imagery in De Chirico with a love for Bauhaus geometry and the pop culture of Warhol and Lichtenstein all with the addition of some sci-fi retro.

I love that anyone can enjoy a ride in my amusement park. Just like going on a roller-coaster!

More info: Instagram

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Fusion Guitar With Built-in Speakers, Amp, Recording, and iPhone integration

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This is a really interesting concept and judging by the reaction to the IndieGoGo campaign one that has struck a note with a lot of people. In just 4 days at the time of writing the Fusion Guitar has raised 128% of the required $ 35,000. Watch the video above to learn about how the Fusion Guitar integrates the iPhone and built in speakers to create a truly portable guitar.

The Fusion Guitar has a few perks available but the main one is if you want the guitar you can pre-order it for $ 399 USD (or pay $ 99 now and the rest later), which includes: 1 Fusion Electric Guitar with iOS integration, US designed Class-D amplifier (20 watts RMS), twin high quality European designed Peerless® speakers, high capacity 11.1V lithium-ion battery pack and much more! Shipping rates vary per country but if you are in the US it is free, Aussies will pay $ 55.

For more details on this guitar including the magnetic pickup specs, hardware details including the headless design and bridge and details of how to use various iPhone apps with the built-in speakers or using the regular 1/4″ output to run into a guitar amplifier/P.A. etc. check the IndieGoGo campaign – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fusion-guitar-iphone-integration-amp-speakers

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Share Riffs & Ideas With Tabd for iPhone

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Tabd is a new mobile app coming to the iPhone next month that provides guitarists with an easy way to TAB riffs and ideas, include a short audio recording (which you can crop) and then share with other musicians. This is a great tool if you want to collaborate on a track for instance with another guitar player or bass player where you can add comments and discuss the TAB idea.

Tabd’s core feature set includes an intuitive tablature editor to create simple and effective tabs. “We took a no-frills approach because we wanted an interface that all players would feel comfortable with,” says startup founder Adam Braverman. “We wanted writing tablature to be as easy as composing a text message.”

With Tabd you don’t need to worry about “real” music notation, just create a simple tablature example and the audio example that you attach will enable the person you share it with to quickly know how it should sound.

For more info: tabdapp.com

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The Life And Death Of An iPhone

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Statistics service Statista reports that in 2012, over 44.3 million smartphone users in the United States used an Apple iPhone. To get an idea of how huge that number is, imagine nearly every person in Ukraine right now, and then picture them holding an iPhone.

Clearly the Apple product is an indispensable part of millions of Americans’ lives, but just how does it come into being? What does its “life” look like?

In this cute short, “The Life and Death of an iPhone,” Paul Trillo explores his phone’s lifespan in just about every way possible: the short is shot entirely on an iPhone, edited on it and seen from the phone’s “perspective.”

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Watch Nick Ut Revisit the Site of His Iconic Napalm Girl Photo With His iPhone

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Video of the Associated Press photographer’s return to the site of his legendary Vietnam War photo for an Instagram takeover.

American Photo

This crazy detailed Batmobile is actually an iPhone case

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Submitted below: , , , , , ,

Not only is this a practical modest-scale Batmobile replica, complete with doing work lights, an opening canopy and a little Bat Sign emitted from the rear jet turbine, it also appears to offer at minimum a modicum of safety to your model-new Apple iphone 6.

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