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10+ Genius Ways To Use LEGO You Probably Never Thought About

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Lego Heart Necklace Set

Lego Heart Necklace Set

Lego Cable Organizer

Lego Cable Organizer


Use LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren

Use LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren


Lego Fish Tank

Lego Fish Tank


Lego Gift Box

Lego Gift Box


Lego Train Bookends

Lego Train Bookends


Lego Chess

Lego Chess


Lego Bird Feeder

Lego Bird Feeder

Lego Lampshade

Lego Lampshade


Lego Kitchen Decor

Lego Kitchen Decor

Bored Panda

Lego Ferrari F40 built a brick at a time on time-lapse video

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A Lego Ferrari F40 goes from just two bricks to a complete model of the famous supercar in just a minute in this fun time-lapse video.

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Lego Ferrari F40 built a brick at a time on time-lapse video originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 10 Dec 2015 19:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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This week, Ai Weiwei attacked Lego and Mercedes unveiled a car for urban hipsters

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This week on Dezeen: Chinese artist Ai Weiwei accused Lego of “censorship” this week after the Danish toy brand refused to supply building blocks for his installation and Mercedes-Benz showcased its new concept vehicle designed for “urban trendsetters” (pictured).

Ai Weiwei portrait
Ai Weiwei accused Lego “censorship”

Lego refused to supply Ai Weiwei with the colourful building bricks for fear of its brand being used to promote “political, religious, racist, obscene or defaming statements.” In response, the artist posted a picture to his Instagram account showing a toilet bowl filled with Lego bricks.

Renault marked the anniversary of Le Corbusier’s death by creating a Modernist-inspired concept car

German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz hit the headlines after revealing a self-driving car comprising a “hip living space” with hologram infographics and a sofa, while French auto brand Renault released images of its Le Corbusier-influenced vehicle.

David Chipperfield boycotts opening of his Milan museum amid legal proceedings
David Chipperfield’s Museo delle Culture museum and gallery complex in Milan

David Chipperfield boycotted the opening of his Milan museum amid legal proceedings, and MAD’s controversial plans for the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago were finally approved.

Foster's One Hundred East Fifty Third Street residential skyscraper
Foster’s One Hundred East Fifty Third Street residential skyscraper

We published new visualisations of Foster + Partners’ luxury residential tower in Manhattan and reported on Thomas Heatherwick’s plans to convert a London coal yard into a canal-side shopping centre.

City of London, image rights Shutterstock
London to lose a third of creative workspace unless developers step in, warns Boris Johnson

Debates surrounding the changing face of London’s creative scene were revisited as the city’s mayor Boris Johnson called on developers to prioritise culture as well as housing, while construction projects in Dubai continued to soar during what has been described as the city’s “boom 2.0”.

Julia Peyton-Jones
Julia Peyton-Jones stepped down from her role as director of London’s Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery director Julia Peyton-Jones, who launched the influential Serpentine Pavilion commission, announced her resignation after 25 years in the role. We also published a guide to help budding designers get their first job in the industry.

Archisutra by Federico Babina
Kama Sutra reimagined as architecture by illustrator Federico Babina

Popular projects this week on Dezeen included a series of cheeky illustrations depicting buildings having sex, a renovated mid-century home near Vancouver and Japan’s “toilet of the year”.

Gallery TOTO at Narita Airport by Klein Dytham
Gallery TOTO at Narita Airport by Klein Dytham – winner of Japan’s toilet of the year

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Related movie: Studio Dror’s installation for Brancott Estate reflects the landscape of vineyards

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Porsche 917K Made Of Lego Bricks Is Really Cool

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Not so long ago, we found an amazing Jaguar XJR-9 made out of Legos on Lego Ideas and we were stunned by it.
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5 Coolest Lego Car Replicas

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Across the globe, youngsters are “building” memories by playing with easy small blocks, and turning them into imaginative creations!

If you have been a child in the final several a long time, you possibly don’t forget enjoying with Legos. Most boys I understood had buckets total of Legos. Little ones used to build forts, homes, towers, and numerous other structures that they could enjoy in back then. Ultimately, even though, we grew up, and those colorful minor blocks of contentment located their way to the again of the closet.

Well, for some individuals, these blocks were pulled out of the closet and used to create some of the coolest automobiles at any time!

Maybe this is one thing you’d want to get into?

Don’t forget: Enjoying with Legos at 30 years outdated does not make you a Male-Little one!

Check out out these wonderful initiatives built with Legos by guys, throughout the world, who are nevertheless little ones at coronary heart!

Pagani Zonda C12 S
By: Firas Abu-Jaber

lego cars1

One particular of the coolest automobiles on the track has found its way to the toy box! The element used to make this small Zonda is remarkable. Regrettably, the Lego version does not boast the 555bhp that the real a single does, but it is nevertheless every single little bit as amazing.

Opening the tiny design reveals the M120 AMG V12 properly exemplifying the mid-engine, RWD supercar’s powerplant in Lego trend.

Even the movable elements are hinged at the identical diploma path as the real point!

lego cars2

Lotus Exige
By: Rolands Kirpis


lego cars3

As most of us keep in mind from our childhoods, the hardest issue to do with Legos is to develop curves. Even though, nowadays, there are many kid’s Lego kits that attribute curved and bent items but it wasn’t like that in the commencing.

Getting these squares and creating the illusion of curves was something only the most creative of youngsters could complete.

Obviously, Kirpis was 1 of those youngsters!

This small Exige was created in a scale that would complement the curves of the vehicle although at the exact same time, maintaining the model automobile come to feel.

lego cars4

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
By: Sven Bode


lego cars6

You do not have to be a magic formula agent to value this Lego duplicate. Modeled after the astonishingly created V8 Vantage, this tiny Aston is an case in point of consideration to element. It reflects the astonishingly effectively-designed entire body and aerodynamic, intense stance of the coupé.

It is undetermined whether Bode modeled the motor right after the 4.3L or four.7L engine option, but irrespective, he did it really effectively.

My favourite element of this one is the again finish.

Bode also captured the taillight area of this design in ideal design and element.

lego cars5

Lamborghini Countach
By: Daryl Creations


lego cars8

This Lego model is a reflection of a automobile that was on many of our childhood bed room walls. As the car that commenced the “Lambo Door”, or vertical door craze, the Countach was a symbol of outstanding type and luxurious.

The legendary wedge condition was an inspiration to vehicle makers across the planet. Manufacturers like BMW and DeLorean styled some of their vehicles off of this innovative, down power-producing design.

A appear into the again of this product reveals the early Lamborghini V12, properly captured with the minor squares.

lego cars11

Dodge Charger Personalized
By:  Malte Dorowski


lego cars9

Dorowski, the artist of this exceptional searching car, confirmed the epitome of Lego creativeness with this model. Even if you’ve never noticed a ’70 Charger, a fast search at this product will show you just how intense and inventive the auto truly was.

It was an expression of energy, prowess and the American way.

This design took a personalized technique with the blower motor beautifully jutting from the shapely hood.

The headlight and taillight sections were executed with inventive flair too.

lego cars10

I could not even imagine creating one thing like this as a child.

How about you?

Tell us your favored Lego automobile or if you have constructed 1 of your own below.

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