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State of minds of Manhattan by Elia Locardi

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Moods of Manhattan by Elia Locardi Back in March

when we first arrived for a shooting job in New york city, it was a cozy spring environment of 65 degrees. Then, the next evening when I captured this photo on the Brooklyn side, it was 12 degrees with a severe wind chill! It was so cold that I could not feel my fingers while I was adjusting my 10-stop ND filter. Luckily all of it exercised since the sundown was definitely extraordinary, and as a bonus offer, I additionally didn’t end up with frost bitten fingers.;-RRB- I’m delighted to share this shot today due to the fact that it’s component of a collection of pictures I functioned to record in cooperation with Fujifilm making use of the GFX 50s Mirrorless Tool Format Camera and the new 23mm GF Lens, which was introduced previously today. As well as without obtaining also technical concerning crop factors and medium format, the 23mm lens effectively provides an 18mm focal length that makes it excellent for broad angle landscape and cityscape digital photography. I’m also delighted to share this since with the cascade of back-to-back digital photography tasks I have actually had so much this year, together with that these new GFX 50s images have been secret till today, I haven’t had the chance to share any of my new pictures this year. That is, till now.:-RRB- If you intend to learn my whole cityscape photography and post-processing operations from start to complete, both in the field and in editing and enhancing, I’ve developed an extensive video clip tutorial training course: http://bit.ly/cityscape-tutorial

Elia Locardi: Photos

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Tom Dixon’s Manhattan showroom is his first outside London

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British designer Tom Dixon has opened a permanent store in New York‘s Soho neighbourhood, saying America has become “a land of opportunity” for his brand.

The Shop, which opened 3 November, encompasses 1,000 square feet (93 square metres) and is located at street level, just a few blocks from showrooms for Luceplan, Foscarini, Ingo Maurer and other leading design brands.

The designer has run a New York office for five years, but this marks his first retail space in the city.

“America has truly been the land of opportunity for us over the last couple of years, so we wanted to have a direct connection with the people who enjoy our work,” explained Dixon.

Tom Dixon's Manhattan showroom is his first outside London

Dixon described his store as “a service centre for professionals and consumers, where the complete catalogue of ‘extraordinary products for everyday use’ can be shown, explained, demonstrated and of course, purchased.”

The showroom carries Dixon’s full collection, including classics such as the Copper shade and Mirror Ball light, along with more recent additions like the Wingback range, Melt pendants and Brew coffee set.

“I don’t see a big distinction between our clientele on the three continents where we operate,” Dixon told Dezeen. “We are producing things that seem to appeal equally in Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

The store also offers interior design consultation for residential and commercial projects.

Tom Dixon's Manhattan showroom is his first outside London

“It was important to have a space at street level with an open door where everybody can come in and see our fresh ideas at first hand,” he added. “I hope this will be the departure point of many great adventures in the New World.”

The American market for high-end design is “growing incredibly” according to European brands, who are opening showrooms and restructuring their US businesses to take advantage of booming sales. Dutch furniture company Moooi opened a Manhattan showroom this year, as did the Spanish tile company Porcelanosa.

The surge of luxury residential developments in New York and Miami – many of them designed by big-name European architects – is helping drive the boom, with brands following architects such as Herzog & de Meuron, Foster + Partners, BIG and OMA across the Atlantic.

Tom Dixon's Manhattan showroom is his first outside London

Dixon’s Manhattan showroom is adjacent to the contemporary artist Tom Sachs‘ studio and the two have been friends for decades.

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