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Woman Who Was Called A Monster For Her Head-To-Toe Hairy Moles Might Be The Next Miss Universe

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20-year-old Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo is no stranger to bullying. When she was a child, cruel classmates called her “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie” because of the hairy dark brown moles and birthmarks that cover her entire body, but now the Malaysian, who works part-time at a local cat cafe, is defying the people who taunted her by auditioning for Miss Universe.

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“In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me,” she said. “I remember a teacher having to ask two girls to accompany me during recess, and they were whispering ‘why do we have to treat her like a princess?’ It broke my heart. I told them that they don’t have to follow me and they went off immediately. Basically, I was a lonely girl.”

She told Elle magazine that she learned to accept herself for who she was after attending a church camp when she was 16. “I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others,” said Evita, who had once considered having her moles removed. “This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look.”

Her audition for Miss Universe Malaysia was on June 17, and she’s currently waiting to find out if she’s progressed to the next round or not. But even if she doesn’t succeed, Evita says that it won’t dent her newfound confidence and she’ll continue to enter other beauty pageants in the future. “I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. If I don’t get through, there’s always another platform.” (h/t: dm, elle)

“In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me,” said Evita Delmundo. “It broke my heart. I was a lonely girl”

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

Classmates called her “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie” because of the hairy dark brown moles and birthmarks that cover her body

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

But now she’s defying those who taunted her by auditioning for Miss Universe!

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

She learned to accept herself for who she was after attending a church camp when she was 16

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

“I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others,” said Evita, who had once considered having her moles removed

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

“This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look”

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

Her audition was on June 17 and she’s now waiting for the results. We’re all crossing our fingers!

Image credits: Evita Delmundo

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BWM 135i with M3 V8 engine swap combines two things we miss the most

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The substantial-revving E92 M3’s V8 is excellent for numerous things. Putting a single under the hood of a 135i, even though, may well just be the greatest point you can do with the old S65 engine.

Proceed looking through BWM 135i with M3 V8 engine swap brings together two factors we skip the most

BWM 135i with M3 V8 engine swap brings together two issues we skip the most initially appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 15 Apr 2015 19:58:00 EST. You should see our conditions for use of feeds.

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EXPO 2015: 5 Day Trips from Milan You Shouldn’t Miss

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Expo 2015 will open the doors on May 1st and while the Universal Exhibition will be playing the lion’s share in the next six months, Milan is also a perfect gateway to explore enchanting spots a stone-throw from the city.

I picked up beautiful places that are easy to reach by train (read about how to save money on Italian trains), so forget the car, traffic and the stress to find a parking places.

5 day trips from Milan you should add on your list


If you’re passionate about classical music and violin, chances are that you’ve heard of Cremona, the city of Stradivarius and other famous luthiers. The tradition of violin making is well alive, and the city boasts over 200 workshops, many of which can be visited to get an overview on this fascinating art. 

Cremona Duomo

The heart of the city is the medieval Piazza del Comune, the main square showcasing some of the finest examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Don’t miss the cathedral, with its exquisite facade, the bell tower (Torrazzo) built in bricks, and the octagonal baptistry. On the opposite side, the beautiful town hall with its decorated vaults, where an al fresco café is the perfect place for a drink with a magnificent views. Cremona also hosts the newly refurbished Violin Museum, a journey through the fascinating history of violin across the centuries, culminating in the Treasure Box, the room housing some of the best (and most expensive) masterpieces of all time.

Tip: Avoid Mondays if you plan to visit the Violin Museum. 

Getting there: Direct regional trains connect Milano Centrale to Cremona every other hour (1h 6 min). 

More Info: Turismo Cremona


Lake Garda might be internationally less known than Lake Como, but is every bit as beautiful. Sirmione is considered a gem of Lake Garda’s southern shore, whose beauty was appreciated by writers, poets and artists like Goethe, Stendhal, Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, Gustav Klimt, Maria Callas.

Sirmione, Scaliger Castle

Picturesque and romantic, Sirmione seems faraway from the hustle-bustle of Milan. Visit the famous Scaliger Castle, dating back to the 13th Century, admire the Grottoes of Catullo, the remains of a Roman Villa overlooking the lake’s blue water, get lost in the alleys lined with colourful houses, indulge yourself at one of the al fresco cafés and simply chill out in this enchanting spot of Lombardy. 

Tip: If possible, avoid the weekend when Sirmione is jam-packed with tourists. 

Getting there: Frequent trains connect Milano Centrale to Desenzano-Sirmione (Frecciabianca 1h, Regional 1h 25min). From Desenzano, you can reach Sirmione either by bus or by boat (about 20 min for both). 

More Info: Visit Garda, Sirmione


Colourful houses, magnificent monuments and delicious food: this is the essence of Parma, an elegant city that will immediately catch your heart.

Colourful Parma

There’s a lot to see and do, so here are my favourites: get lost in the alleys of the old town, lined with lovely pastel coloured houses, visit the Cathedral and the Baptistery, both medieval masterpieces, and the Teatro Farnese, a wonderful little theatre totally built in wood, dating back to the early 17th Century. Buy a souvenir or a gift made from violet, the flower which is the symbol of Parma and is used to produce  perfumes, cosmetics and candies. 

Parma has some of the most delicious and mouth-watering food specialties in Italy: Parmigiano-Reggiano (cheese), Prosciutto di Parma (ham), home-made pasta and stews.

Tip: You’ll find good food everywhere in Parma, but if you look for a typical Trattoria serving delicious dishes at fair prices don’t miss the Trattoria Corrieri.

Getting there: There are trains almost every half an hour connecting Milano Centrale to Parma (Frecciabianca 1h 10 min, Regional 1h 35 min).

More Info: Emilia-Romagna Turismo, Parma

More ReadThe Colors of Parma: A Photo Tour


Genova Old TownIf you’re keen to breathe the sea, don’t miss an excursion to Genoa.

Stroll in the picturesque narrow alleys (caruggi) near the harbour (be careful with your belonging, though), take a tour of the Palazzi dei Rolli, the magnificent palaces showing the city’s past splendours and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoy Boccadasse, the old fishermen’s’ neighbourhood with its typical coloured houses nested on a cove.

Don’t miss to taste the local food specialties like focaccia (a flat bread baked in the oven), trenette or trofie with pesto sauce, or cima alla genovese (veal meat filled with vegetables).

Tip: Genoa offers many attractions for families, including the Aquarium (the largest in Europe), the Città dei Bambini, an interactive museum for kids between 2 and 14.

Getting there: Frequent trains connect Milano Centrale to Genoa (Intercity/Frecciabianca 1h 30min, Regional 1h 50min).

More Info: Visit Genoa

More ReadChasing Laundry in Genoa Boccadasse 


Perched atop a hill, Bergamo old town is one of the most enchanting spots in the Lombardy region.


A cable car (or, if you like to walk, a pretty footpath) connects the lower city to the historical centre, a medieval town surrounded by walls built in the 16th Century. Cobblestone streets flanked by old buildings and elegant shops lead to the city’s main attractions: the old square (Piazza Vecchia), Palazzo della Ragione, the former town hall now a museum, the Colleoni chapel, a magnificent Renaissance building beautifully decorated, the Citadel square (Piazza della Cittadella), with the medieval tower and the Visconti Palace.

Tip: Bergamo is a popular spot for weekend excursions so better avoid Saturday and Sunday if you wish to beat the crowds.

Getting there: Regional trains connect Milano Centrale to Bergamo every hour (journey 50-55min). 

More Info: Turismo Bergamo

More ReadAn Afternoon Stroll in Bergamo Old Town: A Photo Tour

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10 Old Car Features We Desperately Miss [Infographic]

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57 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop

Cease what you are performing I have got some breaking news. Cars have altered substantially because they commenced hitting the streets. I know this is not breaking news, but it’s no much less intriguing. Since the commencing automobiles have been evolving. A lot of characteristics have arrive and long gone.

For some lovers, of which I rely myself as one particular, I see all of this technological innovation and miss out on some of the features that gave vehicles a little far more character. Some experienced to be completed away with due to the fact of basic safety worries, other folks fell out of fashion, although other people had been killed by designers.

Ardauto.ie has compiled a checklist of functions that can no lengthier be located on new automobiles that numerous men and women remember fondly. Hunting at this list it delivers back again a lot of wonderful reminiscences and reminded me why I have this sort of a adore for outdated automobiles.

The Checklist:

Bench Seats

Depending on how aged you are or your publicity to previous autos you will remember bench seats. Indeed, they can nonetheless be identified in the back again of numerous automobiles, but there was a time when bench seats also had been the entrance seat. A fixture in many massive American cars they additional to the encounter of driving these land yachts.

1979 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon

Bench seats are absent now replaced by bucket seats in purchase to have the shifter, centre console, switches and storage positioned amongst the two seats.

Ash Trays

Climb into most any previous vehicle and you will find an ash tray. These started out to disappear in the nineties and by the 2000s they could be had as an selection. Why? It was noticed as something that was having up place. It transpired so quietly that several folks did not notice. I can not think about the new Toyota or Honda getting multiple ash trays. The only function they served for me was a spot to set spare change.

Large Trunks

The next time you are at a car show appear at the dimension of the trunks of any outdated car. They are cavernous. You could get lost inside of of them. There was a time when it was not unheard of for a car to have twenty five square feet of trunk space. Now if you want a large trunk you are pressured to purchase a big SUV or van (personally that is no way to go through daily life.)

Spacious trunks experienced to be accomplished absent with so that vehicles could turn out to be far more aerodynamic, which translates into greater gasoline financial system. It’s challenging to argue with increased gasoline economic system, but when I have to place one particular set of golf golf equipment in the back again seat and a single in the trunk, it’s a bit frustrating.

Tail Fins

Impressed by the Lockheed P-38, the 1st tail fins appeared on the 1948 Cadillac. GM designer and automotive legend Harley Earl was credited for introducing the development. Tail fins weren’t limited to American cars as several European automobiles sported them. Unfortunately by the mid 1960‘s tail fins had been long gone.

Cadillac tail fins

Fascination in the place-age in the 1950‘s meant that tail fins weren’t heading to be all around for long.

I often appeared at tail fins as an interesting portion of the layout language of the time, the way more substantial wheels have become more frequent right now.

Total Measurement Spares

There was a time that every single vehicle not just Jeeps had a total size spare, not some space saver. Another characteristic dropped so that vehicles could be manufactured lighter and more compact.

Flooring Dimmer Switches

Like the bench seat, this was a function that the youthful technology may not know about. The switch was placed near the brake or clutch pedal and was utilized to turn on the brights. In buy to emulate European luxurious automobiles American manufacturers began putting the manage on a stalk on the facet of the steering wheel.

The truck I realized to push in experienced one of these and I cherished it. I did not have to move my palms to switch the brights on and off. It also helped me with my foot function as I would be heel and toeing even though also obtaining to engage and disengage the brights on the back again roads I would generate at evening.

Window Vents

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Vent Windows

If you didn’t have air conditioning window vents were a God deliver. They aided air circulate inside the auto without having getting to have the windows down, which at freeway speed can be a little bit annoying. By the nineteen eighties they started to vanish as air conditioning grew to become a common attribute.

Horn Rings

As with everything on this list it comes back to aged cars. Cars that had massive slender rimmed steering wheels. A time when the steering wheel only had one goal, steering the vehicle. I know, how they lived without having a bunch of buttons on the steering wheel is over and above me.

Thankfully these dark occasions are behind us.

Now, the horn is a element of the steering wheel.

Suicide Doorways

A product of the sixties, suicide doors intended there was no want for a b pillar. This meant that the opening was significantly greater and more practical. Safety issues killed this characteristic considering that it was there was the chance of it opening whilst driving.

1960s Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors open

Like tail fins, suicide doorways have been an legendary styling function that was unique and extra a degree of character to a car that has been dropped in today’s modern day styling.

Manage Knobs

These are not absent yet, but are not as commonplace with the rise of technological innovation in autos. Now, we are seeing more buttons moved to the steering wheel and only 1 manage knob. With touch display technological innovation becoming the norm in numerous other apps, the control knob’s times are numbered. Personally I would instead keep knobs.


The automotive globe is not that different than the rest of the globe, when a much better solution is discovered, the older ones get phased out. Is there something misplaced? Sure, but which is just how it functions.

Fortunately previous autos can nonetheless be bought that have all of these bygone functions.

Was there anything skipped on the list or do you have a excellent story about functions no for a longer time in cars? Enable us know in the comments!

Features of old cars infographic
Inforgraphic courtesy of Ardauto.ie

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