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Israeli Police Evict Settlers From Illegal Outpost (25 photos)

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Yesterday, Israeli police began evicting several dozen hardline Jewish settlers and supporters from an unauthorized outpost settlement in the West Bank. The Israeli Supreme Court declared the settlement named Amona—the largest of about 100 similar outposts—was built on private Palestinian land and ordered it demolished. The eviction took place shortly after the Israeli government announced controversial plans for 3,000 new homes in other West Bank settlements.

This LA Police Chase Has Doughnuts, Crashes & Weird Ending

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Two robbery suspects made their way through Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, as their wild getaway ended with their apprehension and plenty of scratched heads.
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What Lithuanian Police Officers Do On International Women’s Day

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For the last couple of years, Lithuanian officers have been pulling women over for the most beautiful reason during International Women’s Day. Instead of giving ladies a ticket, they hand them flowers to celebrate the occasion.

The Internet seems to have mixed feelings about this initiative however. While some people think of it as a simple gesture of kindness shared between two human beings, others condemn these officers as patriarchs and their act as sexist. What do you think? One thing is for sure, the flowers have brought these women a sincere smile during the not so lovely rainy season this year, too!

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Maurizio Bradaschia adds green-painted extension to an Italian police station

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The green finish applied to the metal cladding of this police station extension in Italy resembles oxidised copper, but also aims to evoke the “power and invincibility” of The Incredible Hulk (+ slideshow).


Located in the Italian town of Saluzzo, the extension to the local police headquarters functions as a barracks. It was designed by Trieste-based architect Maurizio Bradaschia, who has previously completed similar projects in his home city and other local municipalities.


But unlike Bradaschia’s other barrack designs, the Saluzzo project involved an extension rather than the development of a new building.


The police station – known as the stazione di carabinieri in Italian – is located in a historic part of town but is housed in an unattractive 1960s block, so Bradaschia felt free to give the new addition its own character.


“I wanted to create a building that would meet the typological theme of a barracks and therefore express a character of strength, solidity and urban reference,” the architect told Dezeen. “At the same time it provides an architectural element in a context of little value to trigger an urban renewal.”


The foundations, pillars and slabs are all formed from concrete, while the entire exterior is covered in green-painted sheet metal. This was chosen because it was cheaper than the oxidised copper that its green hue replicates – demonstrated by projects including a lagoon-side residence in China.


“It is green because historically green was the colour of the carabinieri and their cars,” Bradaschia explained. “Green means strength, endurance, balance, stability, and perseverance. And it is metal to give a sense of unity, of force, of power – think of the colour of The Incredible Hulk – of invincibility.”

The cladding is applied in vertical courses of different widths to create a more interesting pattern on the facades, which are further animated by the misaligned window and door openings.

This Texas Police Chase Will Make Your Day!

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How a lot of patrol autos does it take to capture a fleeing Ford Ranger truck? If our count is proper, at least…16.
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Dubai Police Department Showcases Spectacular Supercar Line-Up

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If you&#39re searching to &#39Protect &amp Provide&#39, you most likely can&#39t do it any more quickly than the Dubai police department. Nevertheless, are there that many substantial pace chases happening in excess of there?
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NASCAR driver Tyler Walker pleads guilty following three-state police chase

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Tyler Walker has a bit of a drug problem. It’s what received him kicked out of NASCAR, what possessed him to guide law enforcement on a higher-speed chase across Nevada, Utah and into Arizona, and what lastly acquired him arrested. Now two several years later, he’s plead responsible to a litany of expenses, and will be sentenced in February.Keep on studying NASCAR driver Tyler Walker pleads responsible adhering to 3-state police chase

NASCAR driver Tyler Walker pleads responsible pursuing three-point out police chase originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 26 Dec 2014 ten:02:00 EST. You should see our phrases for use of feeds.

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“Millions March” In Protest Of Police Brutality

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Source: Chris Altman

Source: Chris Altman

Christian crosses and Communist Party flags. Gil Scott-Heron and Frederic Chopin. Wizened women in floor-length coats and raw-throated university students shouting “This is what democracy looks like”. Children carrying hand-drawn posters of other kids, just like them, being gunned down by police officers. This is just a taste of what today’s “Millions March NYC” demonstration looked and sounded like.

Source: Chris Altman

Source: Chris Altman


Source: Chris Altman

Source: Chris Altman

Coming in on the tails of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown grand jury decisions as well as the Cleveland, Ohio police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, this weekend’s march started at New York’s Washington Square Park and culminated at the New York Police Department.

Source: Chris Altman

Source: Chris Altman

Thousands of people took to the streets to protest everything from police brutality to white supremacy to capitalism writ large. What they all had in common, though, was the pursuit of justice–one that does not legally permit police officers to shoot at will and leave a body lying cold on the ground.

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