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Scenes From the 2017 Venice Biennale (21 images).

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The 57th International Art Exhibit of La Biennale di Venezia, kept in areas throughout Venice, Italy, available to the public on May 13, and will stay open till November 26, 2017. Collected below are a few photos of installments produced by artists from all over the world.

A site visitor considers his cellphone as he checks out the”Correct Time”installation by Lee Wan, at the Korean Structure, during the 57th Biennale in Venice, Italy May 10, 2017. (Stefano Rellandini/ Reuters)

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Scenes From Holy Week (27 pictures).

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Today, Christians around the globe celebrate Holy Week and Easter, honoring the final days of Jesus Christ– his go back to Jerusalem, his crucifixion, and his rebirth. Households go to worship, hooded penitents participate in processions, and musicians and also family members embellish Easter eggs. In Catholic Enthusiasm plays, participants illustrate Jesus’s test and fatality. Other regional routines draw heavily on earlier pre-Christian traditions. Gathered right here are pictures from a number of Holy Week tasks this year.

Catholics lug a sculpture of Jesus Nazareno in a procession known as Jesus Nazareno of the tapes during Holy Week in Cot, Costa Rica, 25 kilometers east of San Jose, on April 12, 2017. According to Jorge Masis, a priest at the church, people tie bows to the statue to symbolize pledges they make to Jesus throughout Holy Week. (Ezequiel Becerra/ AFP/ Getty)

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Scenes From Coachella 2017 (32 photos).

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This weekend, the first component of the 2017 Coachella Valley Songs and also Art Event happened in Indio, California. Countless songs fans collected to listen to performances by artists at 6 major phases, consisting of Girl Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Radiohead, Crystal Castles, New Order, Bon Iver, Bastille, and also a lot more. The event covers up following weekend break, April 21 through 23.

Tory Lanez executes on the Sahara Phase throughout day 2 of the Coachella Valley Songs As well as Arts Event at the Realm Polo Club on April 14, 2017 in Indio, California. (Christopher Polk/ Getty for Coachella)

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bugatti chiron: a behind the scenes look at supercar production processes

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one bugatti chiron supercar requires twenty specialists working by hand to assemble its 1800 parts.

The post bugatti chiron: a behind the scenes look at supercar production processes appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Scenes From Wimbledon 2016 (25 photos)

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The 2016 Wimbledon Championships concluded on Sunday, wrapping up the 139th year of the world’s oldest tennis competition. Despite rain delays at the start of the tournament, players pressed on, celebrities filled the seats, and fans brought costumes, umbrellas, and good spirits. Seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer was bested in the semi-finals by Milos Raonic, Andy Murray of Scotland took home the men’s singles trophy and Serena Williams tied the open-era world record of 22 grand slams after winning the women’s singles title.*

* This article has been updated to clarify that Williams tied for the grand-slam world record in the modern era of tennis; Margaret Court secured 24 wins during her career, which started before the sport entered its “open era” in 1968.

Serena Williams of the U.S. celebrates victory following The Ladies Singles Final against Angelique Kerber of Germany on day 12 of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, July 9, 2016, in London, England. (Julian Finney / Getty)

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Scenes From the Republican National Convention (31 photos)

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Thousands descended on Cleveland this week to attend the four-day Republican National Convention at Ohio’s Quicken Loans Arena. The crowd was composed of delegates, politicians, protesters, journalists, and even some celebrities like boxing promoter Don King. The GOP event comes to a close this evening with a speech by Donald Trump, the party’s official nominee for president. Below are a selection of some of the more interesting images to come out of Cleveland.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to introduce his wife Melania during the Republican National Convention, Monday, July 18, 2016, in Cleveland. (Evan Vucci / AP)

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Scenes From the Democratic National Convention (26 photos)

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This week, an estimated 50,000 people have gathered in Philadelphia for the four-day Democratic National Convention. As the delegate votes were tallied, Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to ever become the official nominee of a major party. Supporters of former candidate Bernie Sanders came as well, making their voices heard and protesting the way the Democratic party has handled the election so far. Gathered here are images of some of the speakers and attendees at this year’s DNC.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hugs President Barack Obama as she arrives onstage at the end of his speech on the third night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 27, 2016. (Jim Young / Reuters)

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Behind The Scenes Of A Car Crash Test At Honda’s Japan Facility

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CR-V vs Jazz Crash Test

Behind the scenes of a crash test at Honda’s R&D centre in Tochigi, Japan

Crashing a CR-V into the Jazz shows that size doesn’t really matter when it comes to safety

All eyes are gazing at the centre of what looks like a large arena. There is absolute silence as everyone watches intently. Out comes a Honda CR-V and a Honda Jazz from either side of this huge facility, hurtling towards each other at a steady 50 km/hr. There is a loud boom as they crash into each other, head on. One can actually hear the glass shattering and metal crashing into metal. That’s all, it’s over in a flash and both cars are at rest. This is pretty much a daily routine at Honda’s state of the art indoor crash test facility in Tochigi, Japan and we were there to witness a crash test as it happens and it was some experience.

Honda CR-V vs Jazz Crash

The cars crashed into each other with an impact velocity of 100 km/hr

Honda’s philosophy is to provide quality mobility solutions which co-exist in a collision free society so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of mobility. With increased number of vehicles on the road, accidents are common and the company aims to reduce fatalities by researching and making cars which offer greater safety, not only to passengers but also to pedestrians. Accident analysis is done by studying the commonly occurring scenarios. This study is used to re-construct the accident in a controlled environment which is used to develop technologies which improve chances of survival in case of collisions. All this research and analysis has helped Honda develop the ACE Body Structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering). This type of body design has high crash compatibility which in simpler terms means the engine bay is designed to absorb most of the force and gets crushed in stages on impact. The highly rigid structure ensures that the cabin undergoes minimum deformation, enhancing the chances of survival for the occupants.

Honda CR-V Crash Test

The engine bay was crushed, cabin was intact ensuring passenger safety

Honda’s crash test facility can recreate all kinds of weather and scenarios

Back to where it’s all done, this Crash Test facility in Tochigi is one of a kind. It was the world’s first omni-directional indoor crash test facility which allows recreation of all whether conditions and all possible crash scenarios. The head on crash tests can be done with either full overlap, 50% overlap or 10% overlap. There are slow-motion cameras which record as slow as 1000 frames per second from all angles. Honda uses approximately 1000 vehicles each year for these tests. The analysis is studied to improve the safety performance of the cars.

CR-V vs Fit Crash Test

Ultra slow-motion cameras record the test at 1000 frames per second

We experienced the crash between a CR-V and Jazz. Both cars crashed while doing 50 km/hr each, resulting in an impact velocity of 100 km/hr. Both these cars are production cars and are randomly picked out from a lot. The test was conducted at a 50% offset. The cars are on ignition mode (to avoid any chances of fire with fuel spillage) and are driven by a motorised units whose speed can be set by the master computer. A buzzer is heard and the test is underway with both cars aiming for each other. There is a big bang and its over faster than we anticipated.

Honda Crash Test

In both cars, airbags deployed on impact reducing passenger injury

Seated in the cars are crash test dummies which replicate passengers. These dummies have sensors placed in most places such as the head, back, limbs, etc. These sensors record the force that the dummies were subjected to. These dummies vary in shape and size to mimic people of various height and gait. Even infant dummies are used in child seats on numerous occasions. Examining the site post the test, there is an evident burning smell accompanied by the smell of nitrogen gas, which inflates the airbags. There are broken headlamps and pieces of plastic (bumper) on the floor. The windshield glass is made in a way that it does not leave sharp shards of glass. It is designed to shatter into small pieces reducing the chances of injury.

Honda Jazz Crash Test

Smaller cars take a bigger hit on impact, the Jazz fared quite well for itself

The slow-motion video of the crash shows the airbags deploying on impact and the engine compartment getting crushed. As a rule, the smaller car absorbs more energy and hence in theory, should be damaged to a greater extent. However, both the CR-V and Jazz have their engine compartments crushed but the cabin was largely intact and none of the dummies showed any serious injury on face value. It’s quite amazing to see that both the cars did brilliantly when it came to saving the lives of the occupants. This was just a test with dummies on board but these exercises help develop cars which are safer and help reduce fatalities in the real world.

Crash tests are conducted in simulated environments which can replicate real world conditions. These tests are then analysed and this analysis is used for further research and development to make cars which offer better safety to both occupants and pedestrians.

Honda CR-V vs Fit Crash

Honda conducts about 1000 tests each year with production model cars

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Behind the Scenes of a Chinese World War II Drama (21 photos)

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At China’s Hengdian World Studios, the biggest movie lot ever built, there are currently 11 productions about World War II being filmed—just a handful of the many movies, TV dramas, and documentaries set to be released in China to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj was recently granted backstage access to the filming of The Last Prince television series at Hengdian World Studios. Director Li Xiaoqiang said the series is about a Qing Dynasty prince who joined the Chinese nationalist army after suffering family misfortune.

The camera rolls as actors dressed as historical Chinese soldiers act as though they have been hit by artillery fire during filming of The Last Prince television series at Hengdian World Studios in Hengdian, China, on July 24, 2015. (Damir Sagolj / Reuters)

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Inside the World Taxidermy Championship: The Spectacle Behind the Scenes

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Norwegian photographer Helge Skodvin’s darkly funny photos of not-so-wild-life.

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Scenes From China’s Yangtze River Disaster (22 photos)

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A passenger ship named Dongfangzhixing (Eastern Star) carrying 458 people, including 406 Chinese passengers, 5 travel agency workers and 47 crew members, sank on Monday night in the Jianli section of the Yangtze River in China. According to officials 15 people have been rescued with hundreds still missing. The captain and the chief engineer both survived and claimed that the ship sank quickly after being caught in a cyclone. Rescuers fought bad weather on Tuesday as they searched for the missing, many of them elderly Chinese tourists, in one of China's worst shipping disasters in decades.

A woman is helped after being pulled from a sunken ship by divers in Jianli, Hubei province, China, on June 2, 2015. Divers pulled the 65-year-old woman from the hull of the passenger ship carrying 458 people that capsized on China's Yangtze River, state media said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

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Scenes From Underground (35 photos)

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Caves and tunnels have always been part of human life. We've grown more adept at shaping these underground shelters and passages over the millennia, and today we dig for hundreds of reasons. We excavate to find both literal and cultural treasures, digging mines and unearthing archaeological discoveries. We use caverns for stable storage, for entertainment, and for an effective shelter from natural and man-made disasters. And as the planet's surface becomes ever more crowded, and national borders are closed, tunnels provide pathways for our vehicles and for smugglers of every kind. Collected below are more recent subterranean scenes from around the world.

A worker stands inside the Cuncas II tunnel that will link canals being built to divert water from the Sao Francisco river for use in four drought-plagued states in Brazil, near the city of Mauriti, Ceara state, on January 28, 2014. (Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters)

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dante goods and bads create scenes from the prairie furniture

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the furnishings speaks of forgotten typologies which are even now identified in rural environments — updated to produce a dialog of cultural idiosyncrasies, or to distinction them.

The submit dante merchandise and bads produce scenes from the prairie furniture appeared initial on designboom | architecture &amp layout magazine.

designboom | architecture & layout magazine

Xcar takes us behind the scenes of Aston Vantage video shoot

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Xcar’s most recent video is a powering-the-scenes search at what it normally takes to set jointly 1 of their clips, in this case the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster filmed in snowy Wales.

Proceed reading through Xcar takes us driving the scenes of Aston Vantage video shoot

Xcar will take us powering the scenes of Aston Vantage video clip shoot at first appeared on Autoblog on Sunshine, 26 Apr 2015 19:22:00 EST. Make sure you see our terms for use of feeds.

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Chilly Winter Scenes From Europe and Asia (19 photos)

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The winter solstice took area a week ago, and the quick days and for a longer time evenings have lately brought wintry temperature to components of Europe and China. Floor include coated with frost, new sleds on fresh snow, soccer matches in snowstorms, and preparations for an impending ice festival, all integrated in this assortment of pictures from the earlier 7 days.

Staff polish a snow sculpture ahead of the 16th Harbin Ice and Snow Planet in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China, on December 22, 2014. The sixteenth Harbin Ice and Snow Globe will be formally opened on January five, 2015. (Reuters/Stringer)

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Chilly Winter Scenes from Europe and Asia

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The winter solstice took area a 7 days back, and the brief days and lengthier evenings have recently introduced wintry weather conditions to areas of Europe and China. Ground protect coated with frost, new sleds on clean snow, soccer matches in snowstorms, and preparations for an impending ice pageant, all included in this collection of photographs from the previous 7 days. [19 photos]

Staff polish a snow sculpture in advance of the sixteenth Harbin Ice and Snow Planet in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China, on December 22, 2014. The sixteenth Harbin Ice and Snow Globe will be officially opened on January five, 2015. (Reuters/Stringer)

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Max Zorn Crafts Brilliant Scenes From Packing Tape

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Most road artists take the simple fact that when evening falls, their work will also fade into nothingness. Not so for Max Zorn. To maintain his creations from disappearing beneath the veil of the Amsterdam night time, Zorn invoked avenue lamps and a minor ingenuity. Zorn incorporates semi-transparent packing tape into his work, so parts of the scene shine by means of when put on or close to a supply of illumination.

Max Zorn Overlooking River

Reflections in amazing Artwork Deco style.

“There’s a great deal of great street art by day, but it disappears after darkish. I needed to arrive up with city artwork that utilizes nighttime as a location, and there was absolutely nothing far more inviting than the avenue lamps in Amsterdam. In the starting I utilized packing tape to fill in bigger sections of my marker drawings. Once I hung them on road lamps, the light’s impact opened up new ideas with ditching markers and just using tape.”

Armed with glass panes, a scalpel, and packing tape, he commences with 1 layer of tape as a base, sculpting absent the place values need to be lightest, and repeats the procedure layer by layer, reducing away as he goes. All of the pieces need a light-weight resource, such as a window or a gentle-box to be viewed and appreciated at their entire glory.

Max Zorn Woman In Street

The antique cars and fashions transportation you back again in time.

When Zorn masterminded his signature medium in 2011, he started making more compact, sticker-sized items, and despatched them to buddies close to the globe so that they could bring elegance to the night of their own metropolitan areas.

Max Zorn Smoking Pipe

Zorn excels at generating displays and light-weight enjoy with each other effectively.

1 of the added benefits of the tape’s color is that it provides the overall scene a sepia-like tone, which naturally lends itself to showing up like an aged photograph or even a negative. What is much more, since the parts are manufactured from packing tape, they’ll continue to be intact for much longer than an typical painting.

Zorn’s scenes portray numerous diverse factors of the lifestyle of a particular person living a long time back, from the fairly and posh to the downright nitty-gritty.

Max Zorn Trombone

You can nearly hear the gentle jazz tunes emanating from this portrait.

Max Zorn Boxing

From the posh to the seedy underbelly of the times.

Max Zorn Cameras

Daily life by means of the lens of an Outdated-Hollywood starlet.

Max Zorn Bar

Max Zorn Man And Woman

You can actually truly feel the adore and tenderness right here Zorn has mastered depicting skin values with only tape.

Max Zorn Lilies

Proving you really don’t need excessive element in purchase to portray ability.

Max Zorn Bridge

Max Zorn City Corner

Max Zorn Train

A feat of point of view and architecture in this underground scene.

Max Zorn Golf

Max Zorn Shuttle

Max Zorn Sky Walks

The geometry in this piece is remarkable. The skywalks direct your eye by way of the picture.

Max Zorn Tape Ships

Norman Rockwell satisfies cubism in this interesting piece of storytelling.

Max Zorn City Horizons

Distinction is an crucial key in most art, and Zorn utilizes it to his fullest gain below. The metropolis practically pops out from the brightness of the sky.

You can acquire some of these parts on his website, in which he also has more of his operate on show.


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