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turn your iPhone into a beige or black retro mac with elago’s smartphone stand

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users of the ‘M 4’ could quickly put an apple iphone 6, 6s or 7 into a tight port on the side of the stand.

Top 10 Smartphone Racing Games

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CSR Racing

Oh what a time to be a gear head. A decade ago, you’d have to hit the local racetrack to get your automobile fix. Now, you don’t even need a gaming console or access to your local track.

All your need is your smartphone, your fingers, and you’re ready to roll.

Here are the top 10 smartphone racing games for Android and iOS.

10.) CSR Classics (Free)
CSR Classics is for drag racing fans. The game let’s you drag race classic cars through urban environments, but also enables you to restore a host of famous cars from automotive history, superbly rendered for the virtual streets.

The good news: the game is free. The bad news: their in-app purchases can be a little annoying and intrusive.


09.) Race Team Manager (Free)
If you’re into role-playing games, then this is the racing game for you. In Race Team Manager, you play the life of an up-and-coming racing manager.

You have to manage the car, driver, and mechanics, plus strategize on race day from the pit wall.

08.) Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)
I’ve loved this game from it’s Gameloft days! Asphalt is the perfect game to get that heart thumping, racing thrill right off your smartphone. The racing scene is packed with ramps, exciting tracks, and a variety of cars to get you hooked really good.

This is actually a hall-of-famer in the world of racing games.

07.) Real Racing (Free) 
Real Racing 3 allows gamers to drive over 100 real-world cars on some of the world’s great race circuits. A well-realized driving experience combines with a wide variety of modes (time trials, races, etc) and in-app purchases that let you add more cars, features, and access tracks.

Some of the in-app purchases are quite pricey, however.

Real Racing 3

06.) Racing Rivals (Free)
Racing Rivals allows you to tune and modify your car, challenge other drivers, and bet on yourself in races. You can choose from a variety of real-world cars which you can maximize with all kinds of engine enhancement components, including turbo and nitrous.

05.) Need For Speed: Most Wanted ($ 6.08)
The Need for Speed racing game series is long established (it has even spawned a movie) but it still delivers engaging racing action. I know, it’s not free, but for $ 5, you drive 40 of the world’s coolest cars in different racing modes.

bluetoot enabled pugz earphones charge wirelessly from a smartphone

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a full charge takes 40 minutes and provides 4.5 hours of music while using only three of an iPhone 6’s battery capacity.

The post bluetoot enabled pugz earphones charge wirelessly from a smartphone appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Quote of the Day: Ice Cube on Smartphone Cameras in 1980s Compton

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Rapper and actor Ice Cube in a tense interview with the New York Times Magazine upon the release of his N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” The kinds of images he references are archived here.

“Do you think that having smartphones in 1980s Compton would have made a difference? No. There’s photography from the 1800s of lynchings. People went to picnics, and they’d take pictures with somebody burnt to death up there. It doesn’t matter.”

Chevrolet Hot For Smartphone Cooling

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These days, we use our smartphones for everything.  Texting and calling are only half of it too – I use mine for navigation, checking hotels, dinner reservations, flight statuses, social media, and listening to music. Such connectivity is nice, but it’s easy to find your phone heating up and the battery dwindling.

Constant use of the device’s data, graphics processors, higher ambient temperatures or simply charging the device can cause or worsen overheating.

That compounds inside vehicles during hot weather, especially sitting in the parking lot.  I have come out of the grocery store before, to find my phone on the dreaded 1 percent . . .

Chevrolet is addressing this with Active Phone Cooling, a forthcoming, industry first technology for some of their models.  No other manufacturer offers a similar solution, meaning Chevrolet has beat others to the punch with a very useful technology.

GM engineers regularly subject vehicles to the most extreme climates imaginable to ensure everything works properly.  While testing a wireless charging feature, they noticed some phones would suspend charging or shut off altogether after being exposed to high temperatures inside a car after a few minutes.

Granted, most smartphones have thermal protection features to preserve battery life, but that protection can be enhanced for customers on the road, using their phones for important business.

An air vent connected directly to the car’s air conditioning and ventilation system is directed to the charging bin, where the phone rests for wireless charging.

wooden tok tok trobla has interchangeable smartphone fittings

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the tok tok ‘trobla’ speaker comprises of a program of detachable parts that can be simply interchanged to suit distinct generations of iPhones and other smartphones.

The post picket tok tok trobla has interchangeable smartphone fittings appeared very first on designboom | architecture &amp style journal.

designboom | architecture & style journal

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