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joe caslin interview: the irish teacher using street art for social change

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designboom talks to irish muralist joe caslin regarding using the city as a canvas to effect social modification.

The blog post joe caslin interview: the irish educator making use of road art for social change appeared first on designboom|design & layout publication. designboom|style & design magazinedesignboom|design & layout publication

New York City Protest Photography Before the Age of Social Media

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“We all felt very connected to the struggles of the city and felt an obligation to cover them”

Whose Streets? Our Streets!, on view at the Bronx Documentary Center, looks at the work of 38 photographers who have covered New York City’s protests from the front lines.

American Photo

How the Internet Changed Social Movements

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Social media platforms have created a constant flow of information. How do we harness that power and not be overwhelmed?

A poignant exhibition at the International Center of Photography examines how six critical issues have been transformed by our relationship with visual culture online.

American Photo

Mahindra’s Social Media Team Putting Fake Comments On MotorBeam

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There have been continuous positive comments being put on Mahindra articles from the same IP and the same has been happening since the past 3-4 months.

Mahindra Fake Comments

Notice the frequency of comments from the same IP address

At MotorBeam, we take pride in the fact that every comment put in by our readers is read very seriously. It is our constant endeavour to connect with readers to either clear doubts or debate, but create a platform to express freely nonetheless. Hence, it becomes a tad bit easier to know when the reader is genuine or a fake profile worked up by the social media team of an automaker. That, and also since too many accounts generating positive comments for a particular brand from the same IP address smells fishy.

In this particular case, we’ve caught Mahindra’s social media team doing something called as ‘Astroturfing’, putting in positive comments on articles related to its products on MotorBeam. A quick check and we came to know that the accounts are most obviously fake and generated from the same IP address. The comments have been coming in for over three-four months now. As much as we appreciate Mahindra’s team checking out our content and would ask them to do so more often, this practice isn’t really taken in good spirt by us or our readers alike, not to forget the unethicality behind it.

The problem here lies in the idea of falsely changing perceptions. Internet as a medium allows you to express your opinions freely, not to forget MotorBeam has encouraged the same time and again, because of which a car/motorcycle user or enthusiast response has an equal say here. The problem lies when fake comments made by the social media team try to positively influence the perceptions of prospective customers. Companies need to remember that we at MotorBeam read each and every comment and when we smell something fishy, the first thing we do is verify the IP address. Our regular readers are wise enough to report a comment when they find something wrong, which raises an instant fire alarm at our end.

Mahindra Gusto Fake Comments

Fake comments on the Mahindra Gusto long term report

We had the Mahindra Gusto for a long term review and we did not receive good mileage on the scooter and hence Mahindra’s social media team was seen posting inflated mileage numbers and overly positive comments on the Gusto long term report. We have been deleting such comments and banning those IPs since quite sometime now. It takes us less than 10 seconds to find such comments and bulk delete and blacklist (thank you Disqus).

Today social media is the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth and information on any product/service is readily available at the effort of a few clicks. So while these fake profiles are intended to swell up the brand’s appeal to the prospective buyer, it will do little to actually spread a positive word about the company. We are quite sure this would be the last of such comments that will be coming in and we surely look forward to reading your thoughts on this issue.

Mahindra Centuro Long Term

A ghost comment does not help a brand create positive percpetion

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Tell Your Car’s Story with a New Social Network: DripThat

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dripthat automotive

There’s definitely no shortage of social networks out there as each tries to capture a bit of the content creation and sharing.

When it comes to social image sharing, I tend to get a little bit confused. You can pin something on Pinterest, tweet it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, snap it on Snapchat, or hipster filter it on Instagram. You can even Tumbl it or blog about it. Just yesterday I had a long conversation with my girlfriend about why she Instagrams her photos instead of whatever else’s them, and she gave her reasons (mostly about filtering the crap & overload), proving everyone has their preference.

But regardless of a person’s preference for sharing the photos they take, it all comes down to one thing: sharing a photo or video with your friends or followers.

So what makes DripThat different than any of the others? Read on to find out…

dripthat logo

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by DripThat. All views and opinions expressed here are my own. Check out our advertising guidelines to see why we’d never steer you wrong.

DripThat’s signature feature is that you can create “drips” – a series of pictures or videos (similar to an album) that you get to stagger, so your followers don’t get information overload, which can lead to them ignoring it completely. Makes sense, considering that’s one of the issues currently facing image sharing services.

So let’s say you’re on a road trip and take a crapload of photos (please use your discretion – just because you find it interesting doesn’t mean everyone will). You can stagger the photos to only “drip” once an hour, once a day, once every few days, whatever.

Or that new car build. Let’s say you’re been taking photos of it all along but don’t want to dump the whole gallery on everyone at once. Create a new drip with all whatever-hundred photos in it and set to drip one photo every 4 hours or so. If your followers are interested (seriously, don’t blame them if they aren’t that interested in your “sweet new wheelz”) they can follow along and see your progress.

“Dripthat allows you to combine photos and videos in a single drip, sequencing them to create an experience or tell a story like never before.”

dripthat iconDrips can be shared publicly, just with certain friends, or with groups you’ve created.

I could see people using this in some interesting and creative ways. For example, let’s say someone is really good at breaking down how-tos into 15-minute intervals. Think Instructables-style. They could drip detailed images or short videos every 15 or 20 minutes to lead the follower along the process.

As for me? I made a Badass Car Spotting drip. I started with the photos I already had on my phone (example – the Lamborghini Diablo I spotted in London’s Camden Town last year), and will continue to update as I see more. The nice part about the drip is that if I happen to come across a Ferrari rally or something, you won’t get all 2 million of the images at once – they’ll be dripped out every few hours so you get to see the glory of all that rosso corsa red over time.

Will DripThat catch on as a new popular social image sharing platform? Just like all social networks, it’s anyone’s call. But it does offer enough of a unique feature set to make it a contender in, at the very least, a prominent niche space.

Want to download DripThat to check it out? Well, it’s kind of in beta at the moment but the first version of the iOS app just went live on the App Store so go download and check it out before anyone else. Don’t worry Android users, the app is coming your way soon.

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Car Lister: Social Media Hangout with Next Generation Car Sales

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If you’ve been awake anytime over the past several years, you’ve heard of Facebook, you’ve heard of Twitter, and you’ve heard of Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram – and probably many more. Each of these social media channels gives people a chance to share information and interact with others online.

One advantage of these channels is their size. They’re BIG and you can interact with a wide swath of people. The disadvantage of these channels? They’re big. This means that participants will have a diversity of interests, some – or many – of which don’t interest you at all.

Hot trend in 2015

Not surprisingly, numerous experts are predicting that, in 2015, niche social networks will be hot. With a niche social media site, you’ll be meeting other people with the same interests you have – and that’s just the idea behind Car Lister.

Social media features

At Car Lister, you can set up a profile page, similar to what you’d do on Facebook, complete with a thumbnail picture of yourself, plus a cover image photo to make a personal statement at the top of your profile. If you’re a ‘Vette fan, then put up a photo of a cool C7. If you’re all about racers, then show us who you cheer for – and so forth. It’s all up to you!

You make connections with other car enthusiasts, share news and photos on your wall, comment on posts in your feed, create photo albums and more. Are you a gearhead who is heavy into DIY? There are others just like you who want to swap war stories and techniques. Do you love sharing photos and videos of the sweet cars of your dreams? Into lowriders? You aren’t the only one! Sign up and start chatting.

E-commerce buying and selling

Better yet, Car Lister is really a combination of a social media site for vehicle lovers with e-commerce, where you can buy and sell your cars and trucks online, quickly and easily. For free. In other words, Car Lister is the first social e-commerce car buying and selling platform, available on any current internet-enabled device. In fact, Car Lister is the first step into the next generation for car sales in the mobile world.

To list a car for sale, you simply:

  • Type in or take a photo of your VIN
  • Answer a few simple questions about your vehicle (if you have a pre-1981 car without a VIN, don’t stress; you will simply need to answer a few extra questions)
  • Snap some photos and link a video

That’s all! Car Lister will automatically pull up and display all technical features about your vehicle, include a free accident report, and even put together a pro description of your vehicle so you don’t have to come up with a sales pitch to attract buyers. The entire process takes less than two minutes and can be done from your smartphone.

Each account can list up to three cars for sale per year, for FREE, and you can find dealership pricing here.

If you’re looking to buy, you don’t even need to set up an account, although you can access extra searching features when you do such as a cool car comparison based on price, mileage, or the year of the car. Interested? You can find answers to more of your questions and additional features that are coming soon! See you at CarLister.co!

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Arcus Center was designed to embody the idea of social justice, says Jeanne Gang

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In this exclusive movie, the founder of Studio Gang Architects clarifies how her style for the Arcus Heart for Social Justice Leadership in Michigan was intended to provide human rights concerns out of “invisible areas” and into community consciousness (+ movie).

Found on the campus of Michigan’s Kalamazoo University, the developing accommodates spaces for human rights and social justice studies, but also serves as a public forum where controversial subjects can be overtly discussed and debated.


Instead than planning a constructing to just house these activities, Chicago-dependent Jeanne Gang sought to create a structure that would “embody the idea of social justice in each way from its outside the house to its inside”.

“There is a determined need to have to have leadership in this space of social justice action, and this is a place where that is likely to happen,” she points out in the film.


The constructing attributes a a few-winged plan and each and every wing accommodates different actions, different from large assembly rooms and lecture spaces to areas for personal study.

“This diagram we came up with, which has these a few wings, enables us to develop intense transparency in three various directions, but also allows us to have pockets of areas tucked absent, distinct measurements of areas to have discussions that may not usually be straightforward discussions,” suggests the architect.


The wings converge at a sunken meeting location organised about a fireplace – an factor that Gang says was impressed by the structure of a Shaker meeting house. “What was stunning about the Shaker assembly residence is every person sat in chairs similarly seated, everyone’s voice equally valued, facing each other,” she explained.


For the building’s exterior, wood logs were set into a variety of mortar to supply an “extremely sustainable” alternative to brick or concrete. “Every one phase of tree is distinct,” provides Gang. “It truly is distinctive.”


The Arcus Middle for Social Justice Leadership opened at the end of 2014. Kalamazoo Higher education president Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran says that, because then, the constructing has served as a symbol of the importance of human legal rights problems.

“When I search back and consider about the perform I did, it was in caverns and dark spaces. It was late at night and people worried about telephones currently being tapped,” she says. “I believe this building says this work is front and centre, this function is crucial, it’s deserving in a special way.”


“I feel this building delivers a true mobility to social justice perform,” adds Jon Stryker, Arcus Foundation founder and president. “It’s bathed in normal light-weight, it’s a quite happy noble space.”


Photography is by Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing.

Related story: Studio Gang’s Chicago boathouse created to echo the rhythms of rowing

Studio Gang's Chicago boathouse designed&ltbr /&gt to echo the rhythms of rowing

Chicago organization Studio Gang Architects has concluded a boathouse on the northern bank of the Chicago River with a rhythmic roofline meant to seize the alternating motions of a rower’s arm movements (+ slideshow). More »

  • Very a lot of methods in and outside the house of the developing. It appears this is not a really inclusive design. Given the thought of the building, it is a bit surprising.

    • The Arcus Centre building is ADA compliant and person welcoming for individuals in wheelchairs or who have trouble strolling. Its primary entrance enables handicap parking and drop-off/select-up through broad computerized doors.
      Handicapped website visitors might enter the campus-facet entrance via a exclusive “stramp” (feel stairs and ramp combo). Two facet doorways exit onto sidewalks (no steps).

      The stramp motive proceeds inside of for a single of the
      building’s three wings which is slightly lower than the other two. This single tale developing does have the methods you see pictured down to the fireside. But Studio Gang cleverly left heaps of place all all around the fireplace
      for chairs/wheelchairs to pull shut for heat and dialogue.

      Restrooms, kitchen area, offices, and meeting areas are all simple to accessibility and use. The building internet site, just like the total K campus, sits on a extended sloping hill. The architects did a excellent job planning a building that makes it straightforward for folks using wheelchairs, walkers, and so forth. to enter, exit, and manoeuvre just about everywhere.

  • Did they think about what rain, winter and a long time would do to the logs?

    • Sure, they did! We anticipate wind, sun, h2o, and everything else Mother Mother nature presents us in Michigan to by natural means weather conditions the logs. In truth, we seem forward to it.

      Each and every facade is likely to climate otherwise dependent on its publicity to the components. Again, individuals of us below at the School think which is cool. Oh, and the white cedar logs (all at minimum eleven inches long) are impervious to water and bugs. The expert masons who installed the logs even made sure that the major break up in every log confront factors downward, just to make additional certain that water does not enter the log.

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viktorija pashuta imagines if men were social media networks

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through trend and pictures, pashuta imagines what social media web sites would appear like if they stepped down from the laptop screens and on to the streets.

The put up viktorija pashuta imagines if males had been social media networks appeared very first on designboom | architecture &amp layout journal.

designboom | architecture & design and style journal

new born fame toys by laura cornet, let babies post on social media

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‘new born fame’ by designer laura cornet, explores the ethicality of moms and fathers submitting photographs of their babies on social media web sites, this sort of as fb, twitter and instagram.

The post new born fame toys by laura cornet, permit toddlers post on social media appeared first on designboom | architecture &amp layout magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Design and style by Paul Sebastian for Girls, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce

Design by Paul Sebastian for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce

  • Packaging for this solution could differ from that proven in the graphic earlier mentioned
  • This merchandise is not for sale in Catalina Island

Introduced in 1985. Fragrance notes: honeysuckle, spicy carnation, citrus, heat musky notes and rose. Advisable use: daytime.When applying any fragrance you should contemplate that there are a number of elements which can affect the organic smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your temper, pressure degree, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medicines might all alter the scents you use.  Similarly, aspect this kind of as dry or oily skin can even influence the sum o

Listing Price: $ 55.00

Cost: $ fifteen.85

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