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MG motor e-vision electrical concept supercar goes into manufacturing in 2020

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the MG e-vision’s sportsback-style design pays hommage to the brand’s hundred-year heritage, while bringing a sense of fun as well as ambition to the low emission industry.

bugatti chiron: a behind the scenes look at supercar production processes

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one bugatti chiron supercar requires twenty specialists working by hand to assemble its 1800 parts.

The post bugatti chiron: a behind the scenes look at supercar production processes appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Faraday Future unveils FFZero1 modular all-electric supercar concept

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CES 2016: new electric car company Faraday Future has entered the automotive industry with a high-tech supercar, which runs on a modular battery that can be easily resized for its upcoming vehicle designs (+ movie).

Faraday Future, which was set up eight months ago, revealed a prototype of the battery-powered FFZero1 at the CES technology show in Las Vegas this week.

FFZero1 concept car by Faraday Future

The company said its debut model incorporates enough technology for the vehicle to develop a “sixth sense for its driver’s intentions and needs”.

The FFZero1 concept features a new kind of battery structure, comprising cells that are arranged into what the company calls “strings”. Adding or removing these strings changes battery capacity and creates new wheelbases – the distance between the front and rear axles of a vehicle.

This modular system allows the car maker to use the same structure for all its vehicles, altering it depending on the size and power specifications of any given design quickly and cheaply.

FFZero1 concept car by Faraday Future

“With Variable Platform Architecture we can add or subtract strings of batteries,” said research chief Nick Sampson – a former engineer at Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla. “Based on those power cells we can create different models and have a different desired range without having to redesign the entire structure.”

“This is really important in terms of time, cost and efficiency,” he added.

FFZero1 concept car by Faraday Future

The vehicle’s streamlined carbon-fibre exterior is shaped to optimise the way it moves through the air, improving both driving performance and energy efficiency.

A transparent tail fin slotted behind the domed cockpit stretches to the vehicle’s rear. This feature further improves stability when changing direction as well as acting as a digital canvas displaying information such as the battery-charge level, driver name, and track position.

Air flows through the vehicle’s structure thanks to an aerodynamic tunnel, which cools the battery and motor surfaces. Air flowing through the tunnel also reduces air resistance – known as drag – and therefore improves the vehicle’s top speed, which is claimed to be in excess of 200 miles per hour (321.87 kilometres per hour).

Video showing Faraday Future’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), which features a new battery structure arranged into modular strings

Inside, the racing car-like cockpit design puts the driver at the centre of the vehicle, seated in what is described as a Zero Gravity Driving Station.

Inspired by the research of space agency NASA, the driver’s seat is shaped to offer users support against high g-forces. This acts to generate a sense of weightlessness while reducing driver fatigue.

A smartphone connected via a dock in the steering wheel could allow for personalised settings to be uploaded automatically, while real-time information is collected and then projected over the driver’s view of the road.

FFZero1 concept car by Faraday Future

Honda NSX: A Tribute To The Iconic Japanese Supercar

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November 30 marks exactly 20 years since Honda ceased manufacturing the NSX after no less than a decade and a half.
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Report: Mercedes-AMG may actually be building a mid-engined supercar

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Report: Mercedes-AMG may actually be building a mid-engined supercar Top Gear reports Mercedes-AMG may actually be working on a new mid-engined supercar to compete with the likes of the McLaren 650S or even the P1, according to a recent interview with AMG’s head honcho, Tobias Moers.

Word comes from the outlet after speaking to the current king of AMG, who said the company’s currently deciding whether the car will make a good business case, though Moers reaffirmed the idea saying that any hypercar of the halo-type is always a credible business case. He also added that back then, AMG didn’t quite have the knowledge as to how they’d go about making such a car, but now they do.

“It’s always a task to step into something you haven’t been in,” states Moers. “A year ago we didn’t have the specialty to do that thing, but now we do.”

AMG has admittedly resorted to building what they know most about, front-engined rear-wheel drive cars, and now, front-engined all-wheel drive cars. But thanks to projects such as the SLS AMG and the current AMG GT and GT S models, the firm also gained a lot of knowledge with other technologies as well.

Nothing’s quite set in stone yet, but the idea is on the table for consideration.

Report: Bentley’s eyeing a possible supercar to celebrate first centennial in 2019

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Report: Bentley’s eyeing a possible supercar to celebrate first centennial in 2019 Bentley’s really hot on their heels with their desire and attempts to reinvigorate the Flying B’s motorsports and racing heritage as word from Top Gear reports of their interest in a possible new supercar.

Rumored to be scheduled for launch in 2019, this supposed supercar would be a tribute to celebrate the company’s first 100 years in existence, according to Bentley’s CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, who spoke with the magazine.

Click here for our original post on the 2015 Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept from the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.

“Our centenary would be a good time to create a new limited series car,” said Durheimer.

As expected, he also kept his cards close, making sure to not reveal any details regarding said supercar.

Report: McLaren may build a future BMW supercar…?

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Report: McLaren may build a future BMW supercar…? BMW and McLaren have a fairly strong history together, mainly in motorsports, particularly with their Formula One and Le Mans programs in the 1990s. But most of all, the pairing of BMW and McLaren is most notable for the creation of one of history’s most iconic supercars: the McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1 had strong ties with BMW because it was powered by BMW’s premiere S70 V12, a seriously reengineered high-performance version of the V12 that served duty in the 7-Series and 8-Series “50” cars from the 1980s and 1990s. That engine is still in existence today, in a very evolved form, which powers the current 7-Series and several Rolls-Royce models.

Though according to CAR, BMW and McLaren may once again tie the knot for another supercar project, this time, with a V8, where McLaren could be responsible for building the car.

This sounds like sex to our years, as the word is McLaren is to make a mid-engined V8 supercar with said V8 being electrically quad-turbocharged and sourced from BMW. Power could very-well hover around 750hp with this setup.

Should everything follow through, a launch could be scheduled sometime in 2019 with a concept possibly arriving at the Frankfurt Motor Show after next, in 2017.

New Supercar that has 1800 BHP – Yes Please!

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super car

For a car company that has only sold a modest 150 cars ever since its inception, Koenigsegg has a few models in its range at any given time. Take for example the current range that consists of the Agera R, Agera S and One 1, with two more cars to be introduced in the next year, namely the Agera RS and the Regera. Regera as the company claims is a Swedish transitive verb, which means ‘to reign, rule or govern’, and if this doesn’t raise eyebrows, this model is claimed to be a Megacar rather than any hypercar or supercar. Think more dragster that can go round corners than a Bugatti Veyron alternative.

The Regera is powered by a V8 engine complete with three electric motors – one on the crankshaft and one for each rear wheel. In addition, the Regera boasts a smoother front end design than other models in the company’s range, and is equipped with a prominent roof scoop, wrap around windscreen, a front diffuser and large front air intakes. With regards to the rear of the vehicle, it is fitted with an Akrapovic designed exhaust dominated by a charging port.

The large rear spoiler of the Regera produces an overall downforce of 450kg at 155mph, and the complete frame sits comfortably on carbonfiber wheels – 20 inches at the rear and 19 inches at the front and all four corners are equipped with ventilated ceramic brake discs. The car’s 5.0 liter twin supercharged V8 engine allows it to deliver a total output of a staggering 1085bhp at 7500rpm. But the electric motors add another 697bhp to generate a combined torque of 1549lb ft and 1782bhp total system output. If this doesn’t get your pulse racing, then we don’t know what will!

The company claims that this is the most powerful production car to date and is a fierce rival of the Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari and the McLaren. Koenigsegg further states that the Regera will sprint from 0-250mph in less than 20 seconds and 0-62mph in roughly 2.8 seconds. Furthermore, the Regera is able to run on electric power only up to 20mph. The Regera’s lightweight overall hybrid setup is its secret to its top of the line performance and even though it is not regarded as a traditional hybrid, it is appointed with the Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) transmission.

McLaren unveils 675LT supercar for the race track and the road

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British supercar manufacturer McLaren has released pictures of its track-targeted yet road-legal 675LT that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show subsequent 7 days (+ slideshow). (a lot more&hellip)

McLaren upgrades its P1 supercar for the race track

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British supercar brand McLaren has introduced pictures of its racetrack-devoted P1 GTR, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Display next month (+ slideshow).

McLaren P1 GTR supercar

Pursuing the unveiling of the idea design and style 6 months back, McLaren‘s P1 GTR racing auto has now long gone in to restricted generation.

“The McLaren P1 GTR has accomplished an comprehensive and extreme testing schedule across the world adhering to the unveiling of the design concept at the Pebble Seashore Concours d’Elegance last summer time,” described a statement launched by the brand. “This has developed enhancements to the original style to optimise aerodynamic functionality and cooling.”

McLaren P1 GTR supercar

By focusing checks on good tuning the firm’s P1 for the racing monitor, McLaren was capable to apply a selection of enhancements to its aerodynamic bundle, whilst also trimming off needless bodyweight.

That includes a protruding entrance splitter – a wing placed on the front of the vehicle to redirect airflow and enhance downforce – the P1 GTR sits 50 millimetres lower to the floor and is 80 millimetres wider than the P1.

McLaren P1 GTR supercar

The result is to increase dealing with at large speeds, as properly as minimizing bodyweight and load transfer – the adjust in centre of mass relative to the wheels – when accelerating, braking and cornering.

Running across the decrease bodywork is an aerodynamic blade, which functions to clear the movement of air along the car’s flanks. Clean air isn’t really turbulent, so provides optimum aerodynamic conditions that allow the car to go faster.

McLaren P1 GTR supercar

Chemically toughened glass panels in the roof have been replaced with carbon fibre panels, making an enclosed cockpit for the racing driver.

A mounted-height wing dominates the back again of the observe-only model, which sits above the rear bodywork and acts in conjunction with the entrance-mounted aerodynamic flaps positioned in advance of the front wheels.

McLaren P1 GTR supercar

The design of the rear wing will help to increase downforce levels by far more than 10 per cent – equating to 660 kilograms of force at a hundred and fifty miles for every hour.

Dubai Police Department Showcases Spectacular Supercar Line-Up

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If you&#39re searching to &#39Protect &amp Provide&#39, you most likely can&#39t do it any more quickly than the Dubai police department. Nevertheless, are there that many substantial pace chases happening in excess of there?
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Acura NSX is the First Supercar with a Design Team Led by a Woman

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Even though it was upstaged somewhat by the Ford GT, the all-new Acura NSX was with no a doubt a single of the stars of the 2015 North American Global Motor Show.
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