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bridgestone’s air-free bicycle tires let you wave goodbye to punctures

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bridgestone’s bike tire removes the requirement for air, instead sustaining the motorcyclist’s weight with an unique framework of spokes made from thermoplastic material.

The message bridgestone’s air-free bicycle tires let you wave farewell to leaks showed up first on designboom|style & design magazine. designboom|style & style publication

Sebastian Vettel Tests Out 2017’s Massively Wide F1 Tires

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Sebastian Vettel hit the track in the wake of last weekend's German Grand Prix onboard a 2017-spec Scuderia Ferrari, providing us with a taste of what's to come next year.
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Goodyear Tires: Racetrack Throwback

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Goodyear Throwback

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company takes “Throwback Thursday” seriously. They have announced a special, retro race tire for this weekend’s NASCAR festivities at Darlington Raceway.

Goodyear will replace their yellow “Goodyear Eagle” lettering on the sidewalls with a white logo, reminiscent of the 1970’s design.

Goodyear actually conducted their first NASCAR tire tests at Darlington in 1954 and would earn their first win in 1959, in the Southern 500, also at Darlington.

Jim Reed was the driver.

“Since our earliest days in NASCAR, Goodyear has used the sport as a proving grounds for tire development and innovation.” ~ Stu Grant, General Manager of Goodyear Global Race Tires.

Goodyear tires is part of the larger “throwback” weekend at Darlington, honoring the track’s vibrant history on the NASCAR circuit.

Many NASCAR teams will run vintage paint designs.  Terry Labonte will serve as Grand Marshall.

“The Darlington Throwback weekend is a great opportunity for us to recognize our rich NASCAR heritage, as we continue to drive superior performance both on and off the track.” ~ Stu Grant, General Manager of Goodyear Global Race Tires.

The Goodyear tires will run this weekend during the NASCAR XFINITY Series, VFW Sport Clips Help A Hero 200, September 5th and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bojangles’ Southern 500, September 6th.  Kevin Harvick won the latter race in 2014.

Goodyear employs over 67,000 people and is the exclusive tire supplier of NASCAR’s three major national series.

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Ariel Atom on studded tires takes on snowmobile in drag race on ice

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An Ariel Atom and a snowmobile line up aspect-by-aspect with a lengthy, straight strip of roadway forward. In an elemental move that would seemingly bend the contest’s favor in the route of the snowmobile, these equipment are racing on a strip of ice.

Keep on looking through Ariel Atom on studded tires will take on snowmobile in drag race on ice

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The New Bridgestone Blizzak and the Benefits of Winter Tires

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Tire Test 2

Heading out to the track, you really do not want to have low rolling resistance eco tires on your monitor toy. Furthermore, you would not head out to do some mudding with substantial functionality summer season tires on your off-roader. So, why is that so several folks who dwell in locations that get snow and cold temperatures each and every wintertime really don’t have snow tires? Lately I had the possibility to go to Denver with Bridgestone and Tire Rack to check the newest version of the Bridgestone Blizzak for the Tire Rack Winter season Driving Experience, Run by Bridgestone Blizzak.

The tire I had the possibility to test was the most recent iteration of the Blizzak, the WS80. Winter tires are not a new advancement, nor is the Blizzak. Produced by Bridgestone in 1988 in reaction to bans on studded tires in Japan and other international locations. Four years later, the Blizzak line arrived to the United States. Considering that the introduction of the Blizzak, it has turn into synonymous with winter tires.

Observe, verify out Jordan’s current write-up on AWD vs. Snow Tires

Tire Test 4

Why get wintertime tires:

Winter tires are specifically created for the cold climates. Of course, there are all period tires, but due to the fact they are tailor-made for all conditions, aren’t fantastic at anything at all a single thing. So, all year tires are really a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. The new Blizzak characteristics a new tread sample, a hydrophilic coating, chunk particles and is optimized make contact with force and cavity form to distribute power evenly. What that signifies is that they will carry out much better in the cold, when there’s snow or ice.

Tire Test 3


To examination the tires, they took us to the Pepsi Centre, considering that there wasn’t any other surface at the time that would be ideal for tests. Because the surface was so tiny there was a constrained volume of space, and there was only two assessments we could do an acceleration &amp braking take a look at and a managing check. The autos utilised for the test ended up two similar BMW 328is – the only distinction currently being the kind of tires. The red BMW sported the Blizzak WS80 and the white BMW had Bridgestone all-seasons.

For the acceleration take a look at we have been told to mash the gas for a brief period of time, prior to standing on the brakes. Doing this is precisely the opposite of what you would usually do, but doing it did give a excellent photo of how the tires worked. Obtaining on the fuel, the tires quickly started to spin, but sooner or later grab and decide up velocity. Seeking above, I seen that I was not actually pulling absent from the BMW with the all year tires. I then stood on the brakes and I could come to feel the tires locking up and sliding ahead of they last but not least grabbed. Hunting above I observed the other BMW go appropriate earlier as I stopped.

Tire Test 5

Obtaining into the BMW with the all time tires, with the identical instructions I stepped on the fuel the tires spun, but this time they did not get nearly as swiftly. I quickly realized that I would not be halting as swiftly. That was specifically what transpired as seemed in excess of I saw the other automobile experienced stopped and I was nevertheless having difficulties to discover traction.

In the dealing with examination a specialist driver took us about the rink. In this check the automobile with the Blizzaks dealt with the change with absolute ease. The auto with all time tires just understeered, plowing off line.

Tire Test 1


Even with this limited experience, the benefits of winter tires was apparent. Being aware of that you can do one thing as simple as changing the variety of tires on your car and not only will the motor vehicle complete far better, but also be safer, it’s hard to argue against receiving them. As much as the Blizzak from my minimal knowledge I can say it is a good tire, but with no going through other companies tires I can’t say that they are the ideal.



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Snow Tires vs AWD: Which Gets Your Ass to Work Alive?

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In a ditch

In excess of the a long time, a lot of have debated that all wheel drive is the stop all for winter season weather conditions driving. Other individuals have mentioned that throwing a set of snowshoes on your regular old two wheel travel auto is greater than all period tires on an AWD trip. It looks that most people truly consider that all period tires and AWD is what requires the cake. They figure that the far more wheels you have to make the car go forward, the much more probably you are to get traction at a single of them. This appears reasonable, appropriate? Well it is only partly true.

From details that I gathered and knowledgeable, there are a handful of (restricted) conditions the place AWD/all seasons (I’m just likely to say AWD from now on) operates much better than 2WD/winter tires (just winter season tires for this). A lot of this is dependent on what all seasons and winter season tires you are testing but the standard benefits are like this.

Winter Tire

AWD performs greater to start the car forward on SNOW at no/slight quality. The winter season tires take off pretty effectively but cannot very compete with the pressure of 4 tires spinning with all seasons. AWD is alright if you get some snow (a couple of inches) and no ice. Ice is in which the data begins to swing (intensely) into the wintertime tires’ favor.

Accelerating on ice without having suitable tires just isn’t likely to take place. You are put in the worst achievable circumstance for winter driving. This is an location in which winter tires really shine. If you have a decent set of snow and ice tires on your 2WD car, you ought to be capable of generating it about on most community streets without as well considerably drama. In this video clip from Tirerack.com, you can discover about the two varieties of winter tires and choose which might be much better for your wants.

Whilst getting able to get your vehicle shifting is critical, I would say dealing with and stopping are significantly much more worthwhile. Staying away from the pickup truck stuck in the center of the road or the light-weight pole on the outdoors of that curve is wonderful, do not you believe? AWD just does not lower it below. The all period tires really don’t minimize it for these obligations you may possibly end up on the improper aspect of the suppress because of this.

The winter season tires will allow you turn and stop considerably simpler irrespective of the amount of wheels below electrical power. Tirerack has accomplished some tests (see url at the bottom of the website page) to back up what I’m declaring. Essentially, in all scenarios exactly where an all year tire is when compared to a wintertime tire, the winter season tire wins by huge margins. They located that a thirty mph panic end on all seasons took an further forty feet further than the winter tire equipped car. That easily puts you in the middle of an intersection or in an individual else’s bumper.

Exact same point happened in a cornering take a look at. At twenty five mph, the all season equipped vehicle was in the ditch even though the winter tires equipped vehicle retained heading with out incident. Essentially, prior to you check out the AWD box on that new car, feel about how you are likely to use it. The further value of that alternative may get you two or 3 sets of winter season tires that will execute better when it gets chilly. Then, you can run sticky summer season tires the rest of the 12 months to truly have some fun!

Outback in the snow

Tire Rack Check Benefits



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Ultimate Guide to All Those Letters and Numbers on Your Tires [Infographic]

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Understanding how to study a tire is something that most men and women simply cannot easily do. Nonetheless, it is something that a experienced motorist must actually take into account studying a tiny about. A tire gives a wealth of details on what it is and how it can be employed in just a few letters on the side.  There is far more than just the measurement on the facet of your tires. You can swiftly decide when a tire was created, the load score, and the highest pace it can vacation.

Sidewall date code

Over, you can see a string of letters and figures at the bottom of the tire. These commence with DOT. The important component is the previous bit, 5107. This tells you when your tire was produced. In this case it was the 51st 7 days of the 12 months 2007. This is truly important to know for a few reasons. The initial one particular is when you go to have a new set of tires mounted, you need to be in a position to inform that these are actually new tires. If you have a established of tires set up and the date code is much more than a calendar year or two outdated, you need to carry this to the focus of the installer. The second cause is to be ready to know how outdated the tires are on your vehicle. Just simply because your tires still have tread does not mean that they are risk-free to use. Old tires have a inclination to get difficult and result in you to have much less traction. It also will increase your possibilities of having a blow out even though driving down the road. That is not much enjoyable.

Load scores are truly crucial when thinking about tires for your vehicle. The tires have to be in a position to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s advised load score. If you get a mild duty tire and put it on your huge SUV, it truly increases your opportunity of failure and all the issues that come with that. At the bottom of the page is a great graphic supplied by our buddies at PartCatalog. It has some information at the best displaying all the different load scores. It seems a small complicated but is quite straight ahead. The numbers variety from 71-110. The increased the quantity the higher the ranking. The picture beneath is a label that can be discovered on most autos. It gives you the bare minimum needs for load ability. The load rating is usually located soon after the dimensions of the tire. This car requires a tire with a load score of 89 or greater. The chart at the bottom of the report tells you that each and every one of these tires can assistance a maximum of 1279 lbs at optimum air strain.

Tire Label

The velocity rating is also identified on this doorway sticker. If you appear immediately right after the load ranking, there is a letter. These letters correspond to the greatest velocity a tire can travel properly. Below, an H rated tire has a greatest velocity of one hundred thirty mph. The speed rating is not really as straight ahead as the load score. There is not much rhyme or reason to the technique as H is a faster velocity than T, but T is faster than L. Your ideal bet listed here is to seek the advice of the bottom of the graphic under. It is essential to remember that just since a tire is rated at 149 mph, doesn’t imply that you should have confidence in it at those speeds. Even if you have a place to ring your car out, think about what shape your tires are in just before beating up on them.

Tire Load and Speed Guide infographic

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