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the all in multitool hides in your bike crank, adding a touch of italian finesse

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the all in multitool rests neatly inside the axle crank of your bike, adhering to the lower bracket through a magnetic ring hidden inside its stylish cap.

The blog post the done in multitool hides in your bike crank, adding a touch of italian skill showed up initially on designboom|architecture & layout magazine. designboom|design & style magazine

Dog Who Was Terrified Of Human Touch, Now Loves Being Petted

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A week ago, we shared a story about a shelter dog in Romania, who had suffered so much abuse that he was scared of a gentle, loving touch. Luckily, the pooch found a new home in the UK.

According to Kerry Wollacott, an animal rescuer who works to help save dogs in Romania, the puppy, now named Kayne, has recovered: “When he left Breast he weighed 6kg now thanks to lots of love and care he now weighs 9.5kg! Huge thank you to a generous donator who paid most of the travel cost.”

Kayne is no longer afraid of petting – he’s giving humans one more chance!

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

When the abused dog was petted for the first time, he couldn’t stop howling

Watch the video of him now – he gives humans a second chance

The scared puppy is ok now! :)

Posted by Kerry Wollacott on Saturday, 14 November 2015

Bored Panda

slim touch bench employs changeable felt cover for multiple versions

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by employing thin felt covers, the ‘slim touch bench’ presents users with the capacity to easily change the color of the bench to suit its surroundings.

The post slim touch bench employs changeable felt cover for multiple versions appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Golden Touch music video revolves around the viewer’s fingertip

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Music: by placing a finger in the centre of the computer screen, the viewer appears to control the colourful imagery in this music video for Namie Amuro’s single Golden Touch.


Japanese director Masashi Kawamura, founder of creative lab PARTY, was asked by the singer to be part of a three-month project based on virtual optical illusion techniques.


“Namie Amuro and the record label reached out to me, to create something more than just her singing and performing in front of camera, which is the case for most of her videos,” Kawamura told Dezeen.

“She gave our team the complete freedom, which was amazing. She and the label immediately grasped the ideas when we presented to them, and gave us full autonomy of the project.”


At the start of the video, viewers are advised to place their finger on a specific point marked by a dot on their computer screen. Their fingertip then becomes the focal point for the bold-coloured scenes that unfold.


The finger appears to shatter mirrors, pop gum bubbles and press buttons, along with a variety of other effects throughout the video.

Sequences are designed to make it look as if the viewer is pushing, pulling and swiping different scenes, although their finger remains still.


“We wanted something pop and graphical that matches well with the music,” said Kawamura. “The vibrant colours and contrast also help to emphasise the ‘touch effect’ as it is easy to track what you are touching in the film.”


For the project, Kawamura and his team spent two days shooting the video at the Logan studios in New York. Beforehand, the team conducted tests to work out how much camera action to include for the best virtual touch effects.


The main inspiration for the project came from prominent YouTube user zefrank, who was arguably the first to highlight this style of filmmaking on the internet. A Canadian advert for Skittles sweets also used a similar technique.


“We felt that we could evolve this method and create more different types of actions that the finger plays,” Kawamura said.


Golden Touch features on Namie Amuro’s seventh solo-album _genic, which was released 10 June 2015.

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