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turn your iPhone into a beige or black retro mac with elago’s smartphone stand

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users of the ‘M 4’ could quickly put an apple iphone 6, 6s or 7 into a tight port on the side of the stand.

The post transform your iPhone into an off-white or black retro mac with elago’s smartphone stand appeared first on designboom|architecture & style publication. designboom|architecture & design publication

duncan shotton’s soy shape dipping dishes turn into 3-dimensional forms when filled

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these ceramic dishes made in japan take your sushi eating experience to the next dimension.

The post duncan shotton’s soy shape dipping dishes turn into 3-dimensional forms when filled appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

This Program Lets You Turn Still Photos Into GIFs, And The Result Will Amaze You

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Professional photographer and artist Troy Plota  has created an amazing new software that lets people turn a single image into an incredible animated GIF in minutes. It’s called Plotagraph Pro.

So now, when you want to bring your memories to life with a GIF, there’s no need to shoot a video or capture multiple angles anymore, all you need is one single image. Then, using the magic of algorithms and prediction, your image can be brought to life in a GIF, MP4, or MOV file format. Is that cool or what?!

More info: plotagraphpro.com | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: designtaxi)




Click on the images below to see the GIFs in action:


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Field Of Light: Artist Uses 50,000 Lights To Turn Desert Into Surreal Fairytale

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Bruce Munro is an internationally acclaimed British artist best known for his vast and immersive light-based installations. For this latest project, which is part of a series called Field of Light, the artist has chosen the great Australian outback as his canvas, namely the area near Uluru, the country’s spiritual center. The installation uses more than 50,000 light stems crowned with frosted-glass spheres and it covers a surface area equivalent to four football pitches.

Munro’s work is inspired by his interest in shared human experience, and the idea for this latest project came to him while traveling across the Red Desert to Uluru in 1992. During this trip he felt a compelling connection to the energy, heat and brightness of the desert landscape, and as he notes on his website, “Field of Light is the embodiment of that experience.”

More info: Bruce Munro | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: designyoutrust)

Uluru, Northern Territory, AU




Cheekwood Museum and Gardens, Nashville, TN


Hermitage Museum and Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


Atlanta Botanical Garden GA, USA



Desert Botanical Garden, AZ, USA



Waddesdon Manor, UK


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10 Tips on How to Turn Your Economy Tickets to First Class for Free

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Traveling itself is already a luxury or could also be a dream-come-true for some. For those who’ve taken flights most of the time, you’ll know that an hour or a few more hours flying in economy isn’t that bad at all. However, when flying for more than five or ten hours, you’d wish you’re staying in a more comfortable seat where you can have extra leg room with more perks you wouldn’t expect to have in economy. You wish you were in first class but what it’s worth can be already equivalent to a couple of cheap economy flights. Surprisingly though, there are times getting those affordable economy tickets can magically turn into first class for some unexpected reasons. Here are some of the tips that can get you from economy to first class based on real-life experiences, but of course, we can’t guarantee that these are 100% effective at all times.

  1. Get frequent flyer membership for every airline you fly with

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

It is recommended for every newbie flyer to sign-up for a membership in any random airline they’re about to book flights from. It won’t hurt to do so because most of them are for free and you just need to fill up a form with the usual details needed. If later, you figure out your favorite or the one with better chances of giving you more flyer points, stick to it to give you more chances of earning.

  1. Choose an alliance

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Know your airlines well. To get better chances of earning points, put your mileages into one account, and you can do it easily even without trying hard to fly via the same airline as long as the airlines you choose belong to the same alliance. Star Alliance? One World? Sky Team? Take your pick.

  1. Earn your miles

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

You earn miles by flying, that’s true. But besides sticking with an airline or their alliance partners, you can earn more miles through other ways like signing up for credit cards, purchasing using your debit or credit card, signing up on Netflix, answering online surveys, or booking at hotels that lets you transfer hotel points to their partner airlines.

  1. Be loyal

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Stick to an airline or an alliance. The other airlines may offer cheaper rates but think about if the deal is all worth it when it comes to earning more points.

  1. Fly on your birthday

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

This won’t always work, but there are chances that if the ticket agent notices you’re flying on your birthday, he/she may grant you a simple gift of bumping you up to business/first class. But that doesn’t mean you can easily walk straight to your ticketing agent and say, “It’s my birthday, hurray!”

  1. Be late

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

When most of the time you want to be early as possible in the airport for the check-in, this time you better take things slow and be late on purpose. Being late leaves you with a possibility that all the seats in economy are taken, and there’s nowhere else available for you but a seat in the business or first class.

  1. Find something wrong with your seat

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Not really recommended to do in every flight, trying to spot on a defect around your seat can make you actually find one that’s worth notifying your flight attendant. No matter how small they are, they could be your way to suddenly change your seat into first class. It may be faulty entertainment system, broken tray tables, or anything wrong that makes your seat uncomfortable. Just don’t break anything, of course.

  1. Fly alone

Photo Credit: swiss_a320

Photo Credit: swiss_a320

Flying solo gives you more chances of getting an available business or first class seat right away. It’s easier to spot on an available seat for one than for a pair or more.

  1. Be polite

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Photo Credit: LAXFlyer

Even if you have all the chances to use the tips indicated before, it‘s better to be polite and patient when asking your ticket agent or flight attendant for a free upgrade. Don’t think pushing your way in will get you easier access to first class, so chill and smile when asking.

  1. Ask

Photo Credit: desquiliano

Photo Credit: desquiliano

Just be a curious cat and ask politely if it’s possible to get an upgrade from economy to first class (or business class). You won’t lose anything. If they say no, you can move on right away to your original seat. If they say yes, bingo! As long as you’re not asking it in a pushy or bully-like way, you’ll have a nice chance to get what you wish for.

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I Turn People Into Aliens By Drawing Faces On Their Backs

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I am a photographer who plays with the ordinary and deconstructs it to reveal another perspective.

I take advantage of the immediate surroundings, often photographing close friends and family members in their own living spaces.

Secret Friends are playmates, reflections, villains, strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they’re alone.

More info: anahell.com



Bored Panda

I Turn Water Into Art

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I started developing my new artistic style when my son introduced me to Instagram three years ago. I use paint and props to give ordinary things a twist. I have also developed a technique which allows me to create images using drops of water.

I like to keep the images simple, usually with plain backgrounds and only natural light. I also paint on hands and create fun everyday object compositions.

More info: Instagram

Bored Panda

I Turn Scrap Metal Into Animals

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My name is JK Brown. I live in rural West Wales. This peaceful part of the country is known for being a precious habitat for its native wildlife, which is of constant inspiration to me.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to watch animals (especially in the wild) and for as long as I can remember I have been drawing, making and creating as a way of celebrating the beauty of nature. Often when I’m out walking I pick up fragments of metal that have been thrown away. Sometimes fly-tipped or washed up on beaches, I patiently reassemble these pieces into monuments to the natural world around me: a habitat that is becoming increasingly fragmented.

I find that my own process of reversing this fragmentation is, for me, a calming antidote to the madness of endless consumption.

More info: Facebook | Etsy


Two holly blue butterflies





Praying mantis




Native butterflies


Praying mantis

Bored Panda

I Turn Your Quarter-Life Struggles Into Children’s Rhymes

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Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

Quarter-life Struggles

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turn into your most-texted emoticon this halloween with new emoji face masks

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the new set of emoji face masks feature fifteen more of your favorite iphone keyboard buttons.

The post turn into your most-texted emoticon this halloween with new emoji face masks appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

Google patent will turn cars into pothole patrollers

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Google wants to make driving more comfortable by routing you around roads covered in potholes, thanks to a new patent. The tech doesn’t seem too hard to implement, either.

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Google patent will turn cars into pothole patrollers originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 25 Aug 2015 08:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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ernesto neto + the huni kuin tribe turn vienna’s TBA21 into a spiritual space

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the collaborative journey and the resulting artworks shares the tribes’ sacred forms of expression, art, ritual, and knowledge through oral history, music, drawings, weavings, and everyday objects.

The post ernesto neto + the huni kuin tribe turn vienna’s TBA21 into a spiritual space appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

designboom | architecture & design magazine

How to Turn Your Jeep into a Real Off-Road Monster

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As the weather gets warmer, outdoor adventures become more frequent – including awesome off-roading excursions in your Jeep. Make sure the wilderness is no match for you Jeep by gearing it up with the proper equipment. Here’s a checklist to make sure your Jeep is an off-road monster taking the rough terrain by storm.

Jeep Off-Roading

Disclaimer: This is a guest post from Timothy Zahl of CARiD.com and is not sponsored or paid for in any way. We just really thought the article kicked ass.

No such thing as an impassable rock. Jack up your Jeep with tires and rims designed for off-roading to raise height and ground clearance, enabling steeper ascent and descent in off-road terrain, while easily climbing obstacles. The bigger and tougher the better. Make sure to add even more height to your Jeep with a suspension lift to make sure your tires don’t rub against the fenders, and to increase wheel travel ability through greater articulation. With all this added height, you’ll also need a lift getting into your vehicle – try installing rocker bars that will provide a step and also protect the body.

Better safe than sorry. On your off-road exploration through mud bogs, sandy hills, and streams, its only a matter of when, not if, you’re going to get stuck. Equip your Jeep with a powerful winch to pull it free – getting stuck should be a part of the adventure, not the end of it. Install an off-road bumper as well, that will not only keep your Jeep protected in the roughest terrain, but serve as a great mounting spot for a winch.

Also, most Jeep bumpers are available with integral grille guards/brush guards, with are terrific for protection and mounting lights. But remember – a large diameter tire may not fit on the stock spare mount, so consider an off-road rear bumper with a swing-away tire mount.


Visibility is key. You need to be able to see the terrain and obstacles around your Jeep when off-roading. First, equip your Jeep with custom doors that allow for better visibility – there are a few different types:

Half doors maintain more of a factory look and give a bit more protection than the others. They are built from impact resistant ABS thermoplastic with a reinforced internal steel frame. These doors allow the open-air experience without the exposure of driving with no doors, and will protect your passengers from dirt/rocks kicked up from your wheels, and will keep things from falling out of your Jeep.


Element doors give the same open air feeling and great visibility you get running with no doors, but with protection from their steel tube construction, and increased utility from multiple options that will enable you to carry additional gear in storage bags, mount mirrors, or even create a full door with lower enclosures and fabric upper doors.

Element Doors

Trail doors have a steel tube construction with a mesh insert for added protection. They provide great visibility, as well as shedding a fair amount of weight. The mesh insert is open enough that you still get the sight lines and sense of openness, but provides some protection and a sense of security – especially when you’re on the downhill side of a steep traverse. These doors latch tightly, so they don’t rattle, and install in seconds.

Trail Doors

All of these doors are completely interchangeable with your factory steel doors; you can switch back and forth easily, and will provide that amazing sense of freedom and connection to the land you’re driving through.

Secondly, install off-road lights on your Jeep to see obstacles and trail conditions near and far. But first, there are a few things to consider:

Construction: look for lights in a sturdy housing with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

Shape: There are both round and square off-road lights, and many off-roaders use a combination of both. However, round lenses contain a reflective surface with the filament located at the focal point, which throws a more powerful light pattern than a lens with a square or rectangular shape.

Off Road Lights

Bulb technology: There are different types of light bulbs available based on what you’re looking for.

  • Halogen bulbs are mostly used for headlights and fog lights, their increased light output increases driver visibility in darkness and inclement weather.
  • LED lights are very insensitive to vibrations, can be installed in harsh environments, and last the life of the vehicle. They also run cool, give more light per supplied watt, and light up much quicker than incandescent light.
  • HID lights use high voltages and a mixture of xenon gas, mercury and metal halides to create brighter and whiter light than that of an ordinary lamp.
  • Xenon bulbs increase light efficiency over halogen bulbs by providing more light and consuming less power. The light they produce is also whiter and more similar to sunlight.

Square Off Road Lights

Beam patterns:

  • Driving lights help you see further ahead and to the sides of the trail.
  • Pencil beams are tighter and more focused for seeing even further into the distance.
  • Cornering beams help you see to the right or left
  • Flood lights create large areas of illumination
  • Fog lights have a wide beam pattern that lights up a pathway close to the ground.

Choose the lights that are right for you and mount them on your Jeep for optimal visibility.

If you’ve got all this gear checked off, then your hauler has officially completed its transformation into an off-road warrior. Have fun, be safe, and tear it up.

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See The Streets Turn Surreal At Night In Photos By Victor Cobo

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The haunting, theatrical nighttime images of San Francisco-dependent artist Victor Cobo.

American Photo

Cafe Nomads Turn KTM Duke 200 Into A Scrambler

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We just take a seem at a modified KTM Duke 200 that has been altered to give it a Scrambler look and delicate off-roading abilities. It has been christened the ‘Street Tracker’.

KTM Duke Street Tracker Side

The Road Tracker seems to be like a completely distinct bicycle

When KTM released the Duke two hundred in 2012, it turned an instant accomplishment because it was quickly, inexpensive and seemed the component. A few a long time on, we see a lot of them on the roads which has reduced the exclusivity aspect of the bike. The truth that it arrives in limited color alternatives makes it actually tough to make your Duke two hundred stand out. But fret not. The excellent people at Café Nomads have a solution. Keyne Wilson, owner of Café Nomads has modified a Duke two hundred belonging to a buddy of his into a ‘Street Tracker’ to make it into a equipment that tackles negative roads as effectively as it tackles corners.

Café Nomads has been in the business of modifying autos and bikes considering that 2004 and they really like operating on aged faculty vehicles or providing a retro search to newer automobiles while growing their overall performance by lowering fat. Nonetheless, in the situation of the KTM Duke two hundred, they could not minimize considerably excess weight because the bike is previously feather mild and they experienced to include new touches to it. The Street Tracker is driven by a 199.5cc motor taken from the Duke two hundred producing 24.7 BHP of power and 19.two Nm of torque and also retains all the other mechanical factors, so the efficiency is unaltered. Nevertheless, visually it bears no resemblance to the naked street-fighter.

The very first issue that a single would observe on the Street Tracker is the absence of entrance mudguard and the huge eighteen-inch off-street tyre which is mounted on aged-faculty spoked wheels. The other changes to the entrance include a alter in placement of the speedometer which has been moved to the handlebar now, a new spherical headlight, guarded by a black mesh grille, interval searching orange indicators, modified handlebar and a vintage number plate. Shift to the side and you notice that the frame color has altered to silver along with a host of other alterations of which the tank and seat are the most obvious.

The gas tank has been produced in-residence at Café Nomads workshop and has recesses for the knees. It holds an additional litre of fuel which increases the bike’s assortment and is painted in a pearl end light-weight blue shade which seems to be awesome in sunlight. The split seat of the Duke two hundred has been changed by a hand crafted custom seat which is covered in brown leather and is very comfortable. The exhaust outlet pipe receives aluminium fins which support in cooling and protect the pipe from the tiny stones which the entrance tyre may toss in direction of it. The rear tyre has been changed by a 17-inch off-highway tyre to enhance the general appear of the bicycle.

The tail mild and indicators taken from a classic bike have been mounted on a modest steel fender providing it the retro look. The improve in the front wheel dimension has enhanced the Street Tracker’s ground clearance which assists it when marking its very own territory off the road. Keyne believes in retaining some of the authentic aspects of the bicycle and has added very small orange coloured details to it. All with each other these modifications value in between Rs. 1-one.five lakhs and Café Nomads requires close to 45 days to execute the task. The value does look higher but when we look at the alterations created and the exclusivity issue, it looks well really worth it.

Fascinated in receiving your KTM Duke two hundred modified into a Road Tracker? Make contact with Keyne Wilson from Café Nomads on +91-90047-90280.

KTM Duke Street Tracker

The gasoline tank stands out owing to its pearl finish paint

KTM Duke 200 Modified

The side profile of the bicycle has completely transformed owing to the host of adjustments

KTM Duke 200 Street Tracker

The gentleman with the equipment – Keyne with the Avenue Tracker

KTM Duke Street Tracker Exhaust

Exhaust fins have a purposeful function and appear aesthetically pleasing

KTM Duke Street Tracker Headlight

The front conclude seems to be various owing to new headlamp, handlebar and other minimal adjustments

KTM Duke Street Tracker Speedometer

Information cluster has moved to the handlebar because of to substitution of the headlamp

KTM Duke Street Tracker Tyre

18-inch off-street tyre at the front will increase floor clearance and gives a lot more grip

KTM Duke Cafe Nomads

Tail mild and indicators on the Street Tracker are previous-school

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David Adjaye to turn Johannesburg high-rise into plant-covered apartment block

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Adjaye Associates has unveiled a proposal to transform a 1970s industrial building in Johannesburg into luxury residences and a hotel, with balconies covered in vegetation (+ slideshow).

David Adjaye‘s firm – which has also just revealed a £600 million plan for London’s Piccadilly – will overhaul the 17-storey creating identified as Hallmark Home, in the South African city’s fast-building Maboneng district.

David Adjaye to transform Johannesburg high-rise Hallmark House into luxury apartments

The 66-metre-large developing was completed in the seventies to residence a expanding diamond sharpening sector. It will now accommodate apartments, as effectively as a hotel, outlets and unspecified cultural amenities.

According to the firm, the modular structure of the developing tends to make it flexible sufficient for a redesign that will make it in shape for residential use. Visualisations show vegetation and trees included to most of its floors.

The Tanzanian-born British architect is at the moment doing work on several designs for the continent, including an business office campus in Uganda. But Adjaye explained the Hallmark Home development as his “initial large undertaking in Southern Africa”.

“I think it will be a double take with a lot of individuals, simply because you will appear at this constructing and believe that it is in some other city, and then you will realise its in Johannesburg it’s in Africa,” he stated.

David Adjaye to transform Johannesburg high-rise Hallmark House into luxury apartments

The purpose is to “mix an African aesthetic with a contemporary eyesight”.

“The transformation of Hallmark Residence is an opportunity to utilize new thinking to city community and to tackle altering existence with a more fluid strategy to the way we inhabit cities,” stated Adjaye.

Set to full in May 2016, the Hallmark Property redevelopment is the 1st in a sequence of initiatives prepared by property developer Propertuity for Maboneng – a establishing industrial spot on the eastern fringe of Johannesburg’s interior city.

The area, which grew to become a suburb of Johannesburg in the early eighties, is now house to art and design studios, galleries, outlets and dining places.

David Adjaye to transform Johannesburg high-rise Hallmark House into luxury apartments

Propertuity founder Jonathan Liebmann stated the building’s previous proprietor only agreed to offer following seeing Adjaye’s proposal, and claims that he will shift into the developing once it completed.

“I really think in this undertaking, I am actually heading to to reside there,” he explained.

  • Can we quit with “African aesthetic”? What does that indicate? A amazing undertaking with a blunt PR campaign…

  • “The transformation of Hallmark Home is an possibility to utilize fresh contemplating to city group and to address changing lifestyles with a
    more fluid method to the way we inhabit cities.”

    Yeah modifying life which means, kicking out the lower-earnings inhabitants that have constantly been there by bringing in a luxury greater-class way of life for them to seem at?

    This is what is so wrong with Maboneng. No integration to what or who is there prior to. Kick out the inadequate, provide on the rich… Middle floor any person or am I being naive?

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studio david graas’ 3D printed bulbshades turn skyscrapers upside down

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developed by studio david graas for Layers, the ‘stalaclights’ are 3D printed bulbshades that stem directly from the bulb and consider the type of artwork deco styled skyscrapers.

The publish studio david graas&#8217 3D printed bulbshades flip skyscrapers upside down appeared very first on designboom | architecture &amp style journal.

designboom | architecture & layout journal

turn your facial scruff into a festive tree with beard baubles

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beard baubles flip your burly locks into the greatest holiday accessory.

The publish change your facial scruff into a festive tree with beard baubles appeared initial on designboom | architecture &amp design and style magazine.

designboom | architecture & style magazine

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