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The Otherworldly Flowers of Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

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The Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan is one of the places that you should see before you die! Why? Can you imagine of a paradise made only of flowers? Yes! The park is that beautiful!

Located in Hitachinaka city of Ibaraki Prefecture, the Hitachi Seaside Park at the country’s eastern coast takes only a two-hour ride from Tokyo. It was converted into a flower park in 1991.


Photo Credit: Yokota Travel

The park is famous for culturing different types of vibrant flowers all year round. It can simply be described as an artist’s palette where the colors continuously change from one season to another, making the park look like a place from another world. You will be amused to see explosion of colors and beautiful shrubs that look like clusters of green cotton-ball in summer and dark crimson cotton candy in autumn.

The park sits on an extensive 470-acre (190 hectares) area. It features 170 varieties of tulips, millions of daffodils, an approximately 4.5 million Nemophila or baby blue eyes, roses, zinnia, cosmos, and many more.


Photo Credit: Hitachi Kaihin

Hitachi Seaside Park

Photo Credit: Jimel Wood

The ‘blue sea’ of bloomed Baby Blue Eyes is probably the greatest attraction of the park, alluring many tourists and photographers from around the world. They bloom with their blue, transparent petals once annually in spring (around April) all over the verdant park, creating a stunning sea of flowers and giving the visitors an impression of standing amid powdery blue goodness. The truly mesmerizing view of this blue sea of flowers is celebrated through an event called ‘Nemophila Harmony’.


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