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The Rifts by Marc Adamus

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The Rifts by Marc Adamus

Dark background all the way here, folks! Thanks. We’ve gotten some tremendous lenticular waves here in the Rockies over the last month or so. I’ve been trying to put these elements together for a long while, the wind, ice and big sky but there’s been several issues. The biggest one, great ice on one of the eastern-most lakes that runs north/south has been lacking, and that’s exactly where the lenticulars happen. That’s right where I was here, looking North. I tried to put the sky and the ice together with some blowing snow too, although the effect of the later may be debatable here since it’s really and ice and sky shot. There was way better blowing snow and foregrounds I will post from here later on too, and even better ice bubbles than anywhere on Abraham on one of the lakes, albeit those do not have lenticular clouds… Anyone ever play Rifts? 80’s/90’s SciFi RPG 1/15 second, 14mm, D810. http://www.marcadamus.com/photo/lenticular-show/ These were the craziest lenticulars I ever got to shoot, but I’ve SEEN them a dozen times better than this even. And this was BEFORE dehaze in RAW, ha!

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